Excellent sermon and then some

Last week our church began a series called “Night Vision” that discusses “A Christian Response to the threats of today.” Here* is the link for reading the sermon. (You can also watch it here*, if you have highspeed internet.) We’ve made the decision to join the church – we feel so blessed and fed at this church.

Seamus got two teeth this week. Both are on the bottom and he thinks he’s so cool now… I tried to take a picture of them but he just sticks out his tongue when I try to pull down his lip.

So I was looking on line to see who makes store brand foods; Kroger carries their store brand of cocoa puffs, and they are sooooo yummy. I think they are better than cocoa puffs (and cheaper.) Couldn’t find any info on who makes them. Don’t know why I wanted to know, I just get random questions in my head and have to search for answers online. It’s a bad habit…

*Links are no longer available

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