Everyday things… and wanting to rush to my baby’s rescue

Jules at Everyday Mommy has a challenge to take a look at the everyday things and be thankful and appreciative of them. I’ve decided to take up this weekly challenge in order to learn contement in my daily life.

My everyday thing this week is the acorns falling from the trees. Abbie, Quinn and I have spent so much time in the yard looking for them and picking them up. Those simple nuts have brought us together in our quest for the “smallest”, “biggest”, “cutest” nuts around.

On another note – this morning, Abbie broke my heart. She wanted to stay home with me. The fire in her eyes for school was gone… It’s been a long week for her. She has been anxious about lunch — I’m not sure I understand what happened, but she has been bothered since monday that she won’t finish her lunch in time. So I asked her teacher to see if she could make sense of it. Then yesterday, she told Sean that a “fancy girl” on the playground was making fun of her bow and her dress…

*hold me back; let me find that “fancy girl”*

I’ve been struggling with the whole school thing, as it is. Sean and I had planned on homeschooling, but with our move and other issues from last year we thought we’d try this for now…

I’ve been praying for her all morning. Will join me?


  1. Sound like a lot of fun finding acorns.

  2. Sounds like fun :) Thanks for sharing your everyday thing :)

  3. Glass Half Full says:

    When my family goes for walks around our neighborhood, my oldest son always looks for acorns and keeps them.

    PS Regarding school, you’ll make it!!! :)

  4. With courage and guidance through God, you and Sean, Abbie will get through. Kids are cruel, trust me, we know. She is a beautiful and wonderful little girl who will conquer alot of obstacle along the way. We love you all and miss you very much! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers!
    Love, the other Porters.

  5. I know that she would get a great education at home with you and Sean. I also know that the world is hard and sometimes people are mean. I think we need to be exposed to those kinds of people in school. The reason is because if we are stuck in the bubble of the world we make for ourselves then when we are an adult then we wont know how to confront problems or deal with people. So socialization is important. So is competition that arises. My 2 pennies.

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