Epson Artisan 800 Printer

When Alli and I first decided to throw a party for bloggers in October, we were unsure of how we’d fund it. But we had the drive and the confidence that we could pull it off.

Fortunately, Barbara Jones, of One2One Network contacted us about throwing the party with Epson as a sponsor.

I know! I know! you’ve heard this all before.

But, this time, I want to actually tell you about the printer that Epson graciously gave to us and asked us to review.

My Epson Artisan 800 printer arrived and I immediately set it up (! it was that simple to do.) I spent the entire afternoon swooning at its loveliness.

It’s lovely – it’s sleek. It’s wireless. I spent a full hour that night, twittering and bragging about the fact that I was in one room and printing in the other (feel free to still follow me – I don’t just drool over printers.)

You can imagine that once I had totally bragged up this printer at BlissDom, it was all anyone could think about:

first panel

I couldn’t focus on what I had prepared to talk about. I was too smitten with it’s all-in-one-ness (it scans, faxes, prints and copies), its fast printing speed, its ability to keep my children happy for an afternoon with its capability of taking any image and turning it into a coloring page and its better-than-lab-quality photo printing.

Instead of thinking about my talk, I was thinking about all the ways this printer was going to make me more efficient; help me build my empire; simplify my life!


It quickly became the center of attention – posing and looking good in all of its sexy sleeky-ness.


In the end, we toasted it and cheered on its greatness.


It’s a fabulous printer. Awesome in every sense of printer awesome-ness. It has allowed me to print out amazing photos to frame and hang around my home. Photos that will last LONGER than lab printed photos. My creative side has thought up at least 2.6 million ideas to create with it. Who knows how many ways you’ll come up with for using it.

Want one or want to know more about it? Check it out here.

all photos by the fantabulous Secret Agent Mama


  1. http://Sandy%20Toes says

    How fun! I saw the Nester has had fun with it too!!
    -sandy toes

  2. http://Alli%20Mrs.%20Fussypants says

    It makes me really proud that the hand holding the Blisstini is mine. {giggles}

  3. http://Secret%20Agent%20Mama says

    I love that printer. I wanted to have babies with it. There is still time, though.. LOL

    Love what you did to all the photos, too. Very creative and sassy! Just perfect.

  4. http://Rebecca says



  5. http://Laura says

    Could you email me please? My email to you bounced back.

    Laura at BlogHer dot com

    I don’t like to give too many details in comments, but it does pertain to your BlogHerAds account.

  6. http://Elina says

    Hey!! This printer works great. I have also seen it at Office Max.

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