Easter Egg Hunt

Our church hosts a huge Easter Egg hunt for the Nashville area. Talk about a lot of kids. We had a blast. We took Abbie’s friend, J with us. I’ve never seen so many eggs! It was a gorgeous day – just perfect! It’s an awesome ministry because it gets kids from all over the city and introduces the real meaning of Easter, which is our Risen Lord! Abbie gets the meaning of Easter. She knows what Jesus did for her. Her questions warm my heart and I pray the Lord will hold her close.

Today was Abbie’s last day with J – she and her family are moving to Florida tomorrow…

Quinn is a big Star Wars fan. So, it is inevitable that it will rub off on me (after seeing the movies over and over.) I was very surprised to learn some new things about the movies. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that I’ve come across and you can learn about anything on it, including Star Wars. I may have found a new favorite site…

I saw a news report on this man the day he retired. What an amazing and fulfilling life he had. And what a work ethic!

Dog is still with us.

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