Earth Day Apps for iPhone

Looking for some Earth Day worthy apps for your iPhone? Here are some of the best reviewed apps for Earth Day 2010:

Billion Acts of Green: (free) “Wondering how you can do your part this Earth Day? Participate in the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day by downloading the Earth Day 2010 Billion Acts of Green application! Your actions matter, why not share them with the world? Use our app to log your personal “Acts of Green” and help us build a more sustainable planet. Your efforts will help Earth Day Network reach its goal of logging One Billion Acts of Green! Need ideas? Check out our tips or view acts from other eco-friendly people around the world. Don’t forget to share your contributions with your friends via Facebook!”

iRecyle: (free) “iRecycle makes it easy to find recycling locations anywhere in the U.S. Find places to drop-off your old cell phone (or water bottle or motor oil or… well, you get the idea), get directions and find out what else they accept. iRecycle also now hosts information on local green events in your area and the newest stories and features on!”

Ecoki: (free) “The Ecoki Reader brings you the best in sustainable lifestyle news, tips, vegan recipes, and hands on reviews.”

Greenopia: (free) “With green ratings for thousands of businesses in over 50 cities, Greenopia makes it easier than ever to shop, eat, and live green.”

Greenpeace Tissue Guide: (free) “The Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide makes it quick and easy to find out which brands of facial tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins are truly green and which should be avoided. Greenpeace’s experts have carefully evaluated over 100 brands and recommended those that: contain 100% overall recycled content; contain at least 50% post-consumer recycled content; and are bleached without toxic chlorine compounds.”

Green Map: (free) “This App connects you with the Green Map movement. With over 600 locally-led projects in 55 countries, each Green Map provides a fresh perspective on local green living sites and the community’s natural, cultural and social resources. Every Green Map is a unique project, but all combine local knowledge and globally designed Green Map Icons to highlight important assets and issues.”

Living Green – The Missing Manual: ($4.99) “Living Green: The Missing Manual helps make earth-friendly decisions more manageable by narrowing them down to a few simple choices. This all-in-one resource is packed with practical advice on ways you can help the environment by making simple changes in your home routine, work habits, and the way you shop and get around town. You don’t have to embark on a radical new lifestyle to make a difference. Living Green: The Missing Manual shows you how small changes can have a big impact.”

Gorgeously Green Survival Guide: (.99 cents) “The Gorgeously Green Survival Guide is a quick reference eco-guide for the woman on the go. Developed by New York times bestselling author Sophie Uliano. Sophie has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, The View, and other national television shows teaching women how to update their beauty regimen, create an eco-friendly home, adopt a healthier diet and fitness routine, indulge in guilt-free shopping, and more.”

Tipping Bucket: (free) “Can $1 change the world? We’re out to prove it can! Tipping Bucket taps the power of social media, micropayments, and money-back guarantees to launch social startups. Our project partners build community gardens in Baltimore, literacy centers in Bangladesh and maternity clinics in Bamako.”

iLocavore: (free) “iLocavore is a tool for locavores and ‘shop local, buy local’ enthusiasts. What is a Locavore? A locavore is someone who strives to eat food grown and produced locally. Oftentimes locavores choose to eat food grown or produced within a certain radius (50, 100, 150 miles).”

Good Guide: (free) “The GoodGuide app helps you find safe, healthy, and sustainable products while you shop. With this update, simply scan the barcode of the product and immediately see detailed ratings for health, environment and social responsibility for more than 65,000 products and companies. GoodGuide provides this information about personal care, household chemical, toy and food products for free on your iPhone / iPod Touch and is adding thousands of products every month. By making information about consumer products transparent, GoodGuide’s goal is to help people shop smarter and motivate companies to offer even better products.”

Simply Organic: (free) “The Simply Organic iPhone app is a key to a simply healthy way of life! ”

Tree Hugger: (free) “TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, we strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.”

Find Green: (free) “Find green and sustainable businesses quickly and easily with the Find Green app. It helps you make everyday choices to reduce your environmental impact and make a difference!”

Go Green: (free) “How Green are you? Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem? Get this app and get collectible Green tips that are saved to your Green list. You get a new Green tip each time you visit the app. Your Green status also changes as you earn more Green tips.”

Green Energy Now: (free) “Stay up to date on the latest Green Energy News, learn how to protect the environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and share your knowledge with others. Impress your friends with your knowledge of Green Energy, and test your knowledge with Green Trivia Challenge.”

Carbon Calc: (free) “Carbon Calc is a Green House Gas (GHG) emissions calculator. If you have wondered what your contribution to global warming is, Carbon Calc is a simple calculator that lets you input your Driving, Flying, and Home energy use. Once you know your footprint, you can compare your net emissions to the US average and the world average. You can optionally offset your footprint by purchasing Carbon Credits.”

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