Drink the coffee. [OR ELSE] *updated

Few things earn an eye-roll from me more than stupidity issues that provoke silly behavior that gets worked up into stupidity silly behavior and craziness.

Exhibit A: 


Should we really believe that Dunkin Donuts has some great conspiracy thing going? One where a scarf is being used to subliminally get us to be desensitized to Islamic extremists. I’m really disappointed in Dunkin Donuts decision to pull this ad of Rachel Ray wearing a scarf while hawking coffee. [I would have loved to have seen them make a statement, leave it at that and moved on. ]

I understand the controversy over an actual keffiya. If the scarf had been an actual keffiya*, then of course – let’s strike up a conversation. But come on… Can we use a little common sense and see that it is just a black and white paisley scarf tied in a sassy fashion? There are so many issues that really do deserve our riling up over: orphaned children, starving children, persecution… just for starters.

Are all black and white scarves suspect now?

The brouhaha that has transpired over this scarf just leaves me shaking my head {and rolling my eyes}.

Exhibit B:


Potential to offend: an authentic red-and-white checkered Italian restaurant tablecloth. [not to mention it’s black and white.]

Exhibit C:


Potential to offend: those who really do have a need to keep their necks warm  [she already offended some with remarks about her heritage. The dust-up over them was another one that got an eye-roll from me]

Exhibit D:

david beckham

Potential to offend: all of the brightly-colored scarves of the world. Why can’t they get some press time?

Exhibit E:


Potential to offend: anyone who could never quite figure out how to tie an ascot.

Exhibit F:


Potential to offend: none – we love our Bossy too much.

This whole situation gets one HUGE eye-roll from me. I’m so thankful that I don’t have to stop drinking my beloved Dunkin Donuts coffee.

*Not that it should need explanation but, "For the record, the keffiya is not a symbol of either Islam or terrorism and predates Yasser Arafat. The head dress (which comes in white, checkered black or checkered red) came into importance in the early 20th century as part of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans who ruled the Middle East for over 400 years left a two-class system of landlords and peasants. The landlords generally wore a red high hat regularly referred to as a tarbouch or fez. Peasants wore the keffiya as a practical head cover to protect from the hot sun in the daytime and the cold winds at nights." (source)


  1. To Think is to Create says

    Word. Totally word. I’m so over all the posturing for such lame reasons. Really! There’s nothing more important going on?

  2. To Think is to Create says

    p.s. I’m a total scarf wearer.

  3. Lysa TerKeurst says

    Hi Karla…

    I had no idea scarves could cause a hoopla.

    Who knew?

    Anyhoooo… I linked to your frump post today.


  4. It slays me that people have nothing better to do with their lives than create controversy and drama.
    Thanks for the cute and creative lesson into scarf wearing ;-).

  5. Michelle Smiles says

    There are things in the world truly worth getting worked up over: violence, hunger, mistreatment of children – but these people waste their time getting angry over a paisley scarf? Please. Use your energy somewhere it might make a real difference.

  6. Bossy’s scarves do a fairly decent job of keeping her head situated on her shoulders.

  7. We are THAT Family says

    I think people who are that concerned about ‘offensive scarves’ should just get a life or a blog, at least. Too much time on their hands!

  8. Mrs. Fussy Fussypants says


  9. Soooo ridiculous- but I love the Bossy picture at the end ;)

  10. Preach it, Sistah. This is the first I’ve heard of this, but what a joke! Love your exhibits. Too funny.

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  12. TurboChik says

    I completely agree. Our culture has just gotten ridiculous about this stuff. I’m disappointed that Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t take the opportunity to point it out. They could have gotten some great PR!

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