Don’t forget — sometimes people have to see us from the backside

Last week I grossed you all out discussed nose hairs. Did you remember to keep an eye on them and trim ’em up??
You can thank me later, k?

Now I want to move on to another glamorous tidbit. You’ll thank me again, I just know it.

(fyi: those aren’t my legs, just like the hair in the nose photo last week was not really hair in my nose. Are we clear?)

Okay- I get that some of you may prefer to go natural when it comes to body hair. Though it is not something that I get, I salute you for being able to be okay with it. Cause me? Yeah, no…

So this post is not relevant to you. However, some of us may unknowingly appear to be a part of this group, and I want to shed light on it. Just as some of you may not have previously noticed the nose hair, are you aware that hair grows on the backside of your upper thighs?

hmmm… yeah… it does.

And those things just keep on growing if not reigned in.

With warm weather here, just thought you should know.


  1. http://Foo-say says

    Next you are going to tell me the backs of my upper thighs are not baby smooth & cellulite free! Sheesh.

    Where are my spanx?

    That picture? Bwahahahaha

  2. http://Kendra says

    Ughhhh What a un-lovely picture! lol
    Happy Frump Fight’n Friday….

  3. http://Valarie says

    I hate it when I have my shorts on, I go somewhere and notice I have missed a spot shaving. I drives me crazy. Its normally somewhere back thigh area. I think the cellulite gets in the way and thats why I miss it.

  4. http://Jenn says

    Shaving is big for me – hate stuble. Off to take care of the legs right now as hubby will be home tonight from a week long trip. :o)

  5. http://We%20are%20THAT%20Family says

    I need this. Really.

  6. http://Cindy%20Swanson says

    Eeeew…I never could understand why people want to “go natural” in that regard! Wise words indeed, Karla!

  7. http://JoLynn%20Braley says

    Too funny, though all I could think while reading your post was, “is that picture real”??!

    LOL, thanks!

  8. http://Christine%20@%20Serenity%20How? says

    Oh that picture is so, so, so…I’m at a loss LOL! I don’t look anywhere near that bad but am still in no hurry to start baring my legs. :)

    Great post!

  9. http://PhotoChick says

    Ooh, you may hate me after this… But I really don’t get hair ‘up there’. In fact, my thighs in general are not good at growing hair. It takes more than twice as long as the calves.

    At one point (when I was a college girl who LOVED to get waxes) I hated this. Now I’m obviously quite grateful! Even though I hardly ever year ANYTHING short enough for anyone to know…

    Yes, I may have been blessed less hairy, but I also have chicken legs. It’s true, I promise!

    GREAT post though – I’ve seen my fair share of those who SHOULD read your blog!! Much love & God Bless!

    Happy Frump Fighting!!!

  10. http://Fuschia says

    I remember the day I realized this: it was probably 10 yrs ago, I was suntanning…I know, I know…and I was rubbing something on my legs, probably baby oil, or something just as terrible…I said I know!
    All I could think was, “Why one earth has my husband not said anything?!”

  11. http://Michelle@Life%20with%20Three says

    So, true! So, true! A fitting and seasonally sound reminder. :)

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