Don’t Be a Lipstick Dipstick

In an earlier Fight the Frump post, I explained how to apply lipstick/gloss so that it would last. I never imagined what a hit it would be!

Never one to drop a subject (I was born with that ability, thankyouverymuch), I’m revisiting the topic. Only this time, I have a warning!

It seems as though lip gloss has been in the news a lot recently. First, we were told that lip gloss can help lose weight (sadly, this was debunked). But now, we are being told that lipgloss can cause cancer. When I first heard this, I wanted to crawl in a corner. Not my beloved lip gloss!!??! Say it ain’t so!

A study at Baylor University "discovered that cosmetic lip balms and glosses attract ultraviolet rays, increasing the wearer’s risk of developing skin cancer. In other words, that shiny lip gloss is magnifying the sun’s effects." And even more disturbing, "cancer occurring on the lower lip can be much more aggressive than other forms of skin cancer and there is the potential for spread to nearby lymph nodes." (source)

And that Bonnie Bell Bubble Gum Lip gloss could be frying your lips, setting you up for bigger problems than lipstick on your teeth.

What are we to do? I’m all for looking good, but not at that risk! Shiny lips = oh so lovely. Shiny lips that cause lip cancer = very very bad.

Fortunately, there is an easy workaround: Always apply lip gloss only after applying a 30 SPF sunscreen to your lips.

Do I really neat to repeat myself? Don’t let this happen. Vanity is so not worth this.

And that is so not a look we are going for.

[originally posted May 2, 2008]


  1. http://devilish%20southern%20belle says

    Good tips! But aren’t there some glosses and balms that already come with SPF? I’m sure that lotion isn’t very tasty….

  2. http://Sheila says

    I think some of my lipstick has SPF in it already. Hopefully soon more will, too!

    But thanks for the tip! I love it! And I will be doing it, too!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  3. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    Good tips! I love my Blistex Medicated Chapstick, it is very moisturizing and my lips have a tendancy to drying out.. It also has a sunscreen. I usually put this on before applying any lip gloss. So, hopefully, I have been protecting myself, without even knowing it.

  4. http://Tiff says

    YIKES! Good to know! Thanks for the tip!

  5. http://Sandy%20Toes says

    OH my I never knew that!! Yikes….thanks for the info!
    -sandy toes

  6. http://Chrissy/singalullaby says

    I popped over to tell you how fantastic the Blissfully Domestic site is looking! Thanks for updating us on the terrors of lip gloss without sunscreen…I’ve noticed that quite a few lipsticks are including sunscreen.

  7. http://Tamra%20@%20It%20all%20started%20with%20a%20kiss says

    I’m a little scared of that beard stubble… please tell me lip gloss didn’t cause that, too.

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