Does your hair age you?

Yes, I am talking about THAT again!

What I want to talk about today is hair. Y’all know that hair is an issue for me. I’ve been fighting with mine for years now. Last year and the year before that were good hair years, with a few bad days spattered here and there. But all in all, my hair was good to me.

Now, it is back to it’s unruly self and committed to age me beyond my 28 36 years.

We all have those days when our hair won’t behave. But let’s not resort to this:
There are other options. Like staying home!

Only celebrities can get away with this.

The rest of us need to realize that leaving our roots showing and hair unruly makes us look older than we are. Not that I know from experience. Remember, the point of this isn’t to be a fashion plate. But to serve as a reminder that it is okay to take care of ourselves.

One of my favorite options for bad hair days is a headband.

No, not this:
I know this is what you probably imagine when you think of headbands. But stay with me, because it is possible to look stylish and casual while wearing a headband.
The reason? They now come in super cute styles. This is a fun one:

And one of my favorite can’t do a thing with my hair looks is this easy style:

love love love love love this. Love it!

Headbands are a great alternative to clips and they can dress up even the old standby: the ponytail. Because let’s get real – I’m a mother to four. I don’t have time to stand around primping my hair. I’m about quick and easy. But I’m trying to add cute and stylish into that equation.

What are your favorite ways to fake a good hair day?


  1. http://Beth says

    These are really cute headbands.

    My problem is that if I were to put on a headband, I would look like Hillary and not like the beautiful models…

  2. http://Amy says

    Thanks for the compliments…I’m not used to looking so lovely at this time of the day! LOL

    Anyhoo…just a note to say that I took LOVE headbands! I have a whole stash and am always on the prowl for more. I hopw I don’t llok like Hillary…I’ll have to ask someone to be honest. But truth is, I’ll probably wear them anyway…cause there just so darn cute!

  3. http://Amy says

    The compliment blew me away. LOL I should have previewed my comment above.

  4. http://Mommy%20Cracked says

    I just pull mine back in a big clippie most days. I need a haircut so bad and my hairdresser is on her honeymoon! LOL!! I know…I soooo need Fussy’s help.

  5. http://Beck says

    WEll, now I need a headband – but the sad truth is that most days, if I’m outside AT ALL, I’m wearing a heavy wool hat*. There’s just no way my hair is getting out of that attractively.
    *because it’s cold, that’s why.

  6. http://Jennifer says

    My hair either does what it is supposed to or I have to start over. And yes I have completely re-washed my hair before and started over. When it is as short as mine there isn’t any accessory options. LOL! Enjoy your accessory days and know that us short hair gals are envious.

  7. http://dawn224 says

    at this point, just forcing my hair into a side part prior to the ponytail happening is where I am. Which is a step up from last week :)

  8. http://THE%20OTHER%20HUSE says

    I have naturally curly hair, but I don’t think it’s cute enough to wear curly without a bunch of work. So, I either straighten it (it’s also very thick) so it takes almost an hour, or I go with you, Karla….headband.

  9. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    That post was absolutely adorable. We both used a Carrie Bradshaw reference.

    My question is do they make headbands for women with extra large melons? Maybe I could start a large-melon-headband company.

    There has to be alot of us, right?

    Mwah, Foo-say Ponts

  10. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    I have a hard time faking a good hair day because I have bangs. But, if they cooperate on a bad day, I wet my hair, pull all of it back and up high, fold it in half, and secure it with a rubber band. I then take small alligator clips and secure parts of it to my head. Voile! Messy look, but chic.

  11. http://Missy%20@%20It's%20Almost%20Naptime says

    I have a plethora of headbands but I still sometimes rely on the college bad hair day cure all – the baseball cap.

  12. http://Melody says

    I need more headbands.

    I totally have frumpy hair – I’m enjoying all the posts with hair ideas!!

  13. http://Julie says

    Oh GIRL!
    The headbands are adorable, but they always hurt my head, which makes me sad.

    I confess I have MAJOR hair issues. I USED to have lovely, beautiful, shiny, thick hair. Now I have corse, dull, thick hair. If it weren’t for the good products I use, I declare my hair would like exactly and precisely like a horse-tail broom.

    Sigh. I think I’m gonna cut it all off.


    Right now, when things get bad, I do a pony tail. OR, better yet (and much more fun!) I go to:, upload my picture, and try out all the hairstyles for FREE.

  14. http://Shannon@Idylwild says

    I love headbands! I need more of them. One other option is to use a scarf like a headband – it can look really cute but my head doesn’t stick out far enough in the back (how’s that for a problem) so eventually they slide. Bobby pins can only help for so long…

  15. http://Lalena says

    I think I’ll raid my daughters hair bands!

  16. http://Mackenzies%20Momma says

    those are really adorable headbands, i have super fine(but tons of it) hair that is nearly impossible to control with anything short of a flamethrower

  17. http://suzof7 says

    Those are so cute. I wish I could wear headbands, but alas – my ears stick out. A headband only accentuates this feature. And, not only do my ears stick out, but they turn red at the slightest provocation. Really red. Not a pretty sight.

    Terrific post!

  18. http://SAHMmy%20Says says

    Cute headbands! I’ll have to look for some. A bad hair day usually starts with what I think is a good hair day–my hair looks cute and a little wavy when I let it airdry, so I leave it alone…but by the time hubby gets home it’s flat and stringy. So I try to remember that there is no wash and wear style for a girl with fine, limp hair–a full blowdry is a must!

  19. http://Sean says

    Hello all,

    I am Sean, Karla’s husband. Just wanted to make a comment:

    Karla’s hair is never messy and she is gorgeous. She is hot with or without her headbands.

    I am sure you all are lovely too… but to me Karla is the bestest.


  20. http://THE%20OTHER%20HUSE says

    Sean, either you are trying to get yourself out of the dog house, or you are just extremely sickening sweet. Either way, good job! I know you certainly just got a lot of “aaaahs” from the women reading this.

  21. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    super cute post…love it. i have hair issues too…started graying very young and need to dye it OFTEN!!!!! …but otherwise I have sarah jessica hair…but mine comes in red (well, it has since i was 15). headbands always hurt the area behind my ears but i do love the look! *elizabeth

  22. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    okay, i have to comment again…you asked the question, how to fake a good hair day…well, anyone can do the sarah jessica frizz head, seriously…just be confident like you want it to look all “mussed-up” and people will believe your confidence. i just do whatever i want with my look and people always say, “well, i couldn’t pull that look off, but you can.” it’s all about CONFIDENCE. :-) My profile photo is my hair straighted but it really is SJP hair underneathe the straightness. ;-) you are adorable and i love your quirky perspectives and your sweet “heavenly” spirit!

  23. http://chickadee says

    those are really cute and it sounds like a great idea, though i’m not sure it would work for me. it might emphasize my hawk-like profile.

  24. http://Shootin'%20It%20Straight%20... says

    I love this blog. It makes ANY kind of day better…even great days get – greater! Thanks for your great perspective on greater hair days. I always click away with a smile.

  25. http://HRH says

    The headbands are gorgeous. I think I could be Hillary’s twin when I attempt that look…

  26. http://Kimmy says

    I am unable to “fake” a good hair day. I spend a lot of time each day on my hair prior to exiting the house (much more time than I’d like to). On days I’m not leaving home, or prior to my “getting ready ritual”, my hair is in a ponytail. I haven’t tried a headband yet. Actually, I didn’t even realize they were so popular. I’m not sure how they’ll look on my, but hey, I’ll give it a try. However, I am contemplating adding bangs to my hairstyle, so a headband will likely be out of the question after that.
    Thanks for the post. I loved it. I find the Frumpy posts very appealing. And from someone who is almost obsessed with What Not To Wear, I’m always up for knowing how to do a style update.
    Thanks, Karla!

  27. Very clever use of the strikethrough in this post, Karla.


    For me, at 57, it’s pretty simple. Sometimes I see older women with longer hair that actually works for them, but for the most part, it’s a mistake. I went back to my short, short haircut, which oddly enough, my whole family prefers, and that with a little help from Hydience works for me.

  28. http://Gray%20Matters says

    Hi there. I just read your 100 things – I am originally from Alabama and also lived in DC for awhile. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. When I’m having a bad hair day I stay home – which is most days lately because my roots are so gray. I have an appointment at the spa Friday – my vday gift . . . YEAH!

  29. http://Kate says

    I LOVE the headband look! There are so many different styles to choose from. I found an awesome website,, which has a huge assortment of headband styles ranging from bohemian to classic. The ones I’v egot are not only gorgeous, beautifully made, but they are also comfortable!

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