Do Your Research Before Purchasing New Electronics

photo: Michael Mistretta

Every month new gadgets and widgets and woozits are put on the market. It sometimes seems as though before we can get our new purchase out of the box, a new version has come out.

Because of the constantly changing inventory on the store shelves, it is important do do your research prior to making your purchase, so that you can avoid buyers remorse.

The list below is a starting point for conducting your research. Read up and buy smarter!

Amazon Electronics Knowledge Center – information is provided on electronics from TVs, to keyboards, to monitors

Digital Tips– This site is so thorough; it even has a section for 60+ year old looking to make digital purchase. There is even a place to enter you zip and locate a place to recycle the electronics you are replacing. Electronics and Gadgets – In addition to information on gadgets, there is a section for video games and equipment.

and of course, there is Consumer Reports – a subscription is required to view a lot of the reviews, but there is still plenty of free content to help your research.


  1. Great sites to bookmark! I especially enjoyed perusing the Digital Tips site, which I hadn’t been aware of before. (Didn’t know there was still a techie site this mommy hadn’t found yet!!!)

  2. Another good site to compare products is I highly recommend it. :) Oh, also I love watching their video podcasts which put me in the know when it comes to the latest technology.


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