Do you know this man?

As I was looking for this video to put on my blog, I realized that I am soooo behind on the buzz surrounding it. It was talked about at the beginning of the February, posted on YouTube and then taken down… So rather than posting the actual video, I’ve had to post a link.

My 4 year old was playing around on Noggin and played this. We watched it no less than 11 times in a row. He LOVES this song. (I do too) (And while you are on the Noggin site, be sure to click on “Leon Thomas: Duck 4”, and “Nuttin But Stringz” – click on the pictures below the video to access the other videos … tres cool!)

So… do you know who that is?

Kid’s music has come so far! I love all of the tunes available for kids and their parents to enjoy that aren’t offensive.

I’ve loved Ralph’s World for years, and I am glad to see he is finally getting the attention he deserves (on PlayHouse Disney). And Piglet’s Big Movie soundtrack (songs written and performed by Carly Simon) is one I’ve listened to over and over and over, and still enjoy I much as I did the first time. I also really like the soundtrack for Over the Hedge (songs by Ben Folds).

This is just a tiny sampling of cool kids tunes. What do you like to listen to with your kids?

**Edited to add — Today is my blog’s 1 year anniversary or birthday or whatever you want to call it… In honor of that I will finally get around to completing the meme Terri@In His Hands tagged me with ages ago…tomorrow ;)**


  1. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says

    that is a totally cute video – i have got to show it to Jackson and Julia.

    CONGRATS on your anniversary!!! WOOHOO!

  2. Terri @ In His Hands says

    Happy Anniversary!! :)

    I remember liking Jessica Harper a lot.

  3. Ralph’s World is OUR FAVORITE! My husband and I joke that the C-O-F-F-E-E song is our theme song.

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