How Reading the Book of Daniel Has Changed Me

I ended up having to take an unexpected break from blogging/computer time this past week. It’s amazing the things I can find to do instead. But I also missed having an outlet to reflect on my day and record our daily lives.

For example:

It has gotten CHILLY here and I LOVE IT!

We have some venison in our freezer now. Sean didn’t hunt the deer himself, but a friend’s friend did and gave us the deer. VERY excited to have some yummy meat!

The kids went to the Nashville Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo. Our dear friend/neighbor took them and they had a blast!

On another note —
I am almost done with Daniel (Beth Moore’s new study) and it has really changed me. I pray it will stick with me. As Daniel did, I have resolved to change, to set myself apart.

At the beginning of the study we were encouraged to give something up for the first 6 weeks of the study — something that we could have, but choose to say no to (like Daniel did when he entered Babylon and resolved not to eat their food); I think most people gave up things like rich meats, sugar/sweets. I wasn’t sure, at first what to give up; I don’t eat a ton of meat anyway, sugar would have been a good one, but I was trying to do that anyway, and Beth encouraged us to do something that we wouldn’t turn into a DIET.

Then the next week she mentioned that one of her co-workers was not going to wear jewelry for the six weeks. That got me thinking out of the box…

I thought.
And thought.
And thought.

And finally it occurred to me: I needed to give up my celebrity gossip.

‘Cause I had some celebrity gossip addiction going on. And it was sooooo easy to justify. After all, it wasn’t like I was talking about so-and-so’s hat at church or the the mother behind me in the grocery store.

I may not know what was happening in the Sudan or London, but I could certainly tell you what was going on in LaLaLand. And put a gossip rag in front of me and the house could fall down around me and the kids could’ve scribbled all over the walls and poured chocolate syrup on the floors and I WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN!

So I deleted all my gossip links. And I wasn’t online this past week. And it was DIVINE!

No shakes. No withdrawals. Nothin. So cool!

And then… then I went to the grocery store last night. And there were magazines at every checkout line and I was having to wait and I started feeling myself get sucked in… my hand started to reach out for the magazines. I picked one up and flipped through a few pages and then it happened.

I started feeling holier-than-thou, tearing the celebs down (“Of COURSE Brit is thin, she HAD to have had lipo, DUHHHH! If she were like the rest of us she would have had to lose her baby fat over the course of a year…”)


I felt dirty.

Even as I was falling asleep last night I had images and thoughts swirling around my head about the headlines I saw.

So I learned my lesson. I can’t give even an inch on this one. There is no “in moderation” for me on this one.

Is there anything like this in your life? Something that is toxic to you that has to be cut off? Something that you can’t give even an inch to or it will take over again?

Consider it prayerfully and listen to what the Spirit says.



  1. Dionna Sanchez says

    I enjoyed finding your blog today! I am currently in the middle of the “Daniel” Bible Study and am loving it! :)

  2. You gave me something to think about today. I know I have been guilty of judging Britney while standing in the checkout line.

  3. Glass Half Full says

    I lost my baby weight quickly mainly because I nursed and cared for my older child — there is just no time to sit and eat a meal!!!

    Great post too. :)

  4. That sounds like a great study. I love that you have been changed by it and it has helped you make changes in your life. You made me think about changes I need to make as well. Thanks.

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