Did I mention my mom was gone?

So it’s been one of those days, and I have to write about it so that I can get comments from everyone telling me that, no, no I’m not crazy…

(did I mention my mom was gone?… I’ve been on “my own” all week)

The day started fine. Kids up, dressed and Abigael off to school.

I started nursing Declan around 11:00 am and promptly fell asleep. Quinn came in looking for lunch and for some reason, this request startled me just as it would if some one told me the house was on fire.

I jumped up, and quickly went to the kitchen to MAKE LUNCH!

with! an! adrenaline! rush!

I went to grab something out and managed to spill an ENTIRE 4 qt pitcher of kool-aid on the floor…

While I was cleaning this mess up, I heard an “explosion” from Declan — you know the sounds babies make when they poop… I knew it wasn’t good, but it was gonna have to wait for a moment.

Enter Seamus, who wanted to observe me cleaning up the kool-aid. He had dressed himself in a shirt of Abbie’s and had a pair of her underpants up around his waist.

Finally got the kool-aid cleaned up, and went to go change Declan. His poop had seeped out of his diaper and clothes and had run onto the leather chair he was on and run down off of that onto the carpet…

Got that cleaned up too. And was able to make lunch.

Fast forward to 3:21 pm. I was sitting on the couch with Quinn, and nursing Declan. Didn’t fall asleep, but I did forget to go pick up my daughter from school at 3:00. Called the school, she was waiting patiently in the office for her absent-minded mom to pick her up.

Did I mention that my mom was gone?
Do you think breastfeeding causes your brain to shrink or dissolve?

Anyone want to nominate me for Mother of the Year?


  1. Poor you.
    It WILL get easier, I swear. Really.
    Is there anyone nearby who can give you a bit of a hand for the next little while?

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    Yes, yes I do think nursing causes both brain shrinkage and dissolution. I do honestly believe it and thereby absolve you of any and all strange/unexplained crazy/absentminded behavior until Declan is 2. Isn’t it nice to have that kind of Get Out of Jail Card? What are the rest of us absentminded Mamas to do, though? Sigh. Maybe, for me, it’s just a character flaw?

  3. You are cracking me up! I have four myself…and FEEL YOUR PAIN! I hated when my mom left after my twins were born!! I emailed you so if you get some weird email, it is from a fellow blogger/tennessean/alabamian.

    Tamara Cosby

  4. it is not funny, but i did burst out laughing when you got to the part about your daughter! i can only imagine the overload panic you must have felt! seriously, some other nice mommy needs to be offering a carpool for your daughter for awhile!! it is only right!

    hang in there! i bet all those sweet babes of yours still think you are the best mommy ever!

  5. I lost tonnes of brain cells when I became a mom! I think we’ve all had days like this . . . remember: your precious babes are all going to grow up eventually and you’ll look back on a day like you just had and (possibly) laugh about it. Maybe? Thanks for sharing. You’re in my prayers.

  6. Karla, I survived four children and am still surviving them even though they are grown, but I am still “mothering”. Still get frustrated from time to time…today is one of those days. I am keeping all of you in my prayers. Maybe your dad will have to come down and help a while….

    Mrs. W.

  7. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Oh, you poor thing. My mom just left yesterday (Friday). Monday I’m starting homeschooling back up and theFM will be back to work full time. I’m a little scared. Luckily, SlowMo is 11 and a ton of help. I just hope it doesn’t take us all day long to get through school!!!

  8. Scratchin' the Surface says

    Your mom will likely read this and want to run right back to help again. Hang in there, it gets easier in a month or so, although thats likely not much encouragement for right now. Koolaid on the floor – the worst!

  9. carrie*postma says

    oh my Friend. Big hugs…this too shall pass! LOL!
    have you read my sister’s blog? seriously, check out the “cath” link on my blog…it will make you feel better!:0)

  10. Yes, nursing causes you to lose brain cells.

    This is a proven fact.

  11. Awww – I love it! What a delightful frazzle. Wish I was there to lend a hand (to all non-poop related activities) thanks for sharing!

  12. Honey….I’m giggling…because it’s always harder with a newborn……praying for you though….and hoping your mom comes back soon.

  13. I swear children suck all of the working brain cells out of our heads.

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