Create a Group on TweetDeck

There can be a lot of noise on Twitter, which can be very distracting. I often find myself logging onto Twitter to check in on a particular group of friends (my Twitter running friends) only to get sucked into the latest discussion.

TweetDeck is super cool for many reasons – one being that it allows you to create groups. This will filter all of the members tweets into its very own column, allowing you to bypass all of the other stuff being twittered about. (now if I can only learn to stay focused on the one column ;0)

To create a group in TweetDeck:

Click on the “group” button:

group button

Name your group (you may want to group by certain friends, family, interests: ie: foodies…). Be sure to “save”.

give group a name

You can select members of your group in several different ways:

1) Select members from the list that appears. This list doesn’t include everyone, only the most active users.

save names from this list

2) “Other Actions”

other action select

3) the “+” by users names


Each of these actions will have you choose the group that the user will belong to. Check the box and then close it to save.

choose group


  1. Only downside: limit of 10 groups. I need so many more…

  2. Thank you Karla!!!!!

    I realize I need to download the latest version of Tweetdeck to start using this correctly.

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