Courage, and some big news

The Lord’s timing always amazes me. And lots of times His timing shows me His sense of humor.

Those of you participating in the bible study, please accept my apologies for not writing my post on Monday’s chapter.¬†I was experiencing my own hands-on lesson in courage.

There are a couple of fears that I struggle with. Some would seem silly — like the fact that my panic attacks are usually triggered by a fear of throwing up (lovely, I know…) I’ve always been a bit, um, dramatic, when I am sick to my stomach. One of my proudest moments as an independent college student was when I was sick and vomiting while away from home and actually survived!

Pitiful? yes…

My other fear tends to be not having enough money to get by. While I’ve learned a lot about God’s provision and grown in this area, I still find myself worried off and on.

What does this have to do with the Lord’s timing? And what does that have to do with courage?

Well, I’m pregnant. With child #4…

My heart races just writing that. Four seems so…. HUGE!!!

We are thrilled, we are excited, we are blessed.

But one of my initial reactions was fear. Fear that now we’d never get out of debt. Fear that we’d be stuck in an apartment with 4 kids, for the rest of their days at home. Fear that I’d have to wait tables for good, just to afford diapers.

But then I stopped and thought about this blessing the Lord has given to us. This child, that we offered up to Him from the time we were first married. He has chosen us to parent this child. He knows us. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need in order to properly raise this child. He knows all of that. And He still chose us.

It doesn’t make sense to me. From the world’s view, we are crazy; we are over-populating the earth. And we are one more family who doesn’t have a trillion dollars set aside to raise their child.

But God’s way doesn’t always make sense. That is where faith comes in to play.

Because I have faith that the Lord will provide for us and for this child. I have faith that He chose us for a reason. I have faith that He timed this for what is a seemingly CRAZY time to be expecting again, for a reason.

The passage from this first week of study, is a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s promises to us. And it also reminds me of the fact that as long as I am on this earth, in this body, I am not guaranteed an easy ride or things that make sense.

But I DO know that as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, that I can be confident and not fearful!¬†Courage is not something we are born with. In fact, having courage doesn’t mean we won’t feel any fear. Courage is faithfully moving forward IN SPITE of the fear or worry. And my trust in the Lord will allow me to do just that.

Those of you who were participating, please please please, let me know you are here! I want to know your thoughts on Courage and see how the Lord strengthens you in times of fear. Let’s stay on track with this study. We have a lot to learn…

Blessings, ~K


  1. I am delighted to be the first to CONGRATULATE you! Yippeeeee!! Your thoughts on this baby are beautiful; God did choose you and your husband to parent this child. Have you told the siblings?

    I’m a mommy of 4! Do you have my email address? hugs, Chrissy

  2. I was amazed when I read your post this morning about God chosing you and Sean to raise this child. I was thinking the EXACT same thing this morning about you and Sean as I drove into work. God does know both of you, better than you know yourselves. He knows your situation and yet He still CHOSE you. What an honor. I could not think of two more loving parents to raise a child. I am excited to see how God works this out in your lives. Remember, you are God’s perfect choice in His perfect plan.
    Love ya loads,

  3. Congratulations and be brave, Karla!

  4. Congratulations Karla! Yes, it’s true. God knows us better than we know ourselves and has big plans for us.

  5. Congratulations!! That is very exciting and yes scary news. I think you said it best when you said that He chose ya’ll to be the parents of this child. What an AWESOME responsibility. A good reminder to me that my 4 were given to us by THE CREATOR. AMAZING!

    BTW-4 is not that much harder than 3. REALLY! You’ll do great.

  6. Congratulations! And I can only say “Amen” to everything you said.

    Just this morning in my reading I came to Psalm 127 — v. 3 says, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” The NASB says “gift” rather than “heritage.”

  7. Courage huh? Funny you’d start with that. I’m not sure how things work, but I created my own blog to post on character, these weeks and all. I’m glad you made it WEEKS and not DAILY because that I could never do.

    Anyways, as soon as I have something I’ll leave a comment, for you to drop by and see what I have to say on courage. It’s big, it’s sad, it’s extremely crazy.

    Anyways, it should be ready by tomorrow or friday.

    A child from God is always a blessing. Always a blessing.
    How many weeks? I’ve accompanied Amanda’s pregnancy and Christy’s, I’ll be delighted to see you go through it, even if it’s your 4th:)

  8. Congratulations Karla to you and your hubby! I know it feels scarey but God will provide for you. I love the way you worded things when you talked of the gift this baby is.

  9. 4…is awesome….congrats Karla….you have been truly blessed…I look forward to the journey with you.

  10. Oh wow! Congratulations!

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to rest in His sovereignty and love?


  11. Dionna Sanchez says

    Huge congratulations, Karla! God doesn’t make mistakes and some day you will wonder how you ever lived life without this new child in your world. :)

  12. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Yay! We get to be prego together! How fun!!! I’m so excited for you!! When I get pregnant I’m always concerned that I’m not worthy enough. I have so many friends that are unable to conceive and for me it happens very easily. I feel like “am I good enough to get these wonderful children?” I’m a horrible housekeeper, and I lose my patients from time to time. I thank God daily for giving me His precious children, and entrusting me with them. It’s hard, and scary.

    Do you know when you’re due??

  13. Congratulations Karla! I have printed out the lesson guide and have been reading over it. If I don’t get anything posted this time, it isn’t because I was disinterested. I’m still here though.

  14. carrie*postma says

    Karla! What a blessing! Your perspective on it is wonderful and so true. If God brings you to it, He’ll bring ya through it! Oh congrats to you, Sweets!

  15. There is an old saying, I believe it’s Jewish in tradition, “With every baby comes a basket of bread.” :) Truly it’s a blessing.

    I was actually relieved that you didn’t start the study because I’ve had such a hectic week I thought, what am I doing signing up for this? I *will* make the time but not today or tomorrow. :)

  16. CONGRATULATIONS Karla!~ what a blessing!!


  17. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says

    Okay girl – NOT ONLY are we expecting AT THE SMAE TIME! Our babies will be only days aaprt how cool is that!?!? BUT YOU ARE ME!!!!!!!!

    I TOTALLY have panic attacks triggered by the fear of throwing up. And when I have panic attacks – throwing up is the first thing that my body wants to do! AND I totally worry about not having enough money and never owning our own house.

    In fact, my fears were so bad last spring I almost gave up trying to have another child. I just couldn’t deal with all the fears I had. But I am not giving into the fear – I am going to have faith that the Lord will sustain me and my family.

    Bless you Karla – you are my sister in Christ and I think we have a few genes in common too. ;) I will be praying for your little baby growing too. Too bad we aren’t neighbors and we could compare our bellies. :)

  18. Congratulations, Karla!!
    I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog. You visited me a week or so ago via Rocks in My Dryer (I’m in Franklin).

  19. Hi! Congratulations on the pregnancy. Four is huge…I have three and don’t know how I could handle four. But God will provide and help you through it.

    I wanted to come by and thank you for stopping by my blog when I wrote my story about anorexia. I apologize that I haven’t stopped by before now to say hi. I just realized that I missed a couple of people when reading through my comments. I’ll come back by and visit again. :-)

  20. This is awesome!!!

  21. Congratulations! What wonderful news to share!! I will be praying for both of you :o)

  22. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says


    Just checking to see if my email got through to you yesterday. If not, can you email me at janicecroze at telus dot net? thanks :)

  23. my 2 cents says

    Congratulations!! How exciting! I am quite confident that the Lord will provide for your family!

    What great news!!

  24. Karla,
    I see all these godly women lifting you up and giving encouraging words. How awesome that we have friends to join us in prayer via blod whom we have never met.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We must not be far apart. My due date is Sept 19, when is yours?

    Where are you in Tennessee? I am in the Knox/Sevier County area.

  25. Karla, I want to send you an email so bad but I don’t think I have your address. Anyway, i am so happy for you. I pray that I get to have four. Just four though! I know that is crazy since I just had my a little less than two weeks ago but I still want one more! My husband says NO WAY! Anyway, you encourage me sooooo much and I draw a lot of strength from your comments. You tell the truth in love and you are a strong and god fearing woman. Your blog and your words on my blog show that you have such a sweet spirit. Thank you for always taking the time to pour into my life. Thank you for being so open and honest in this blog. I will pray for you my friend.

  26. Congratulations Karla! I understand your fears — EVEN the throwing up – I still cry like a baby when I have too! :( (blushing) Anyhow – you don’t know how much you spoke to me through this post! We planned our pregnancy, but the devil has been in my head about finances and it seems that we’ve had one thing and then another….anyhow – finances, kids — all those are worries of mine and I love the way you stated that God CHOSE you guys…. and I must remember this!

    Thanks – Congrats — and Blessings —

  27. wow karla!!! I AM SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!! God bless you and the wee babe growing inside you. !

  28. Briefly, for it’s very late and I have the flu…prayers go up. Blessings come down.

    Keep walking strong!

  29. Okay, well that didn’t put my link in there, but it’s me:

  30. what a total God thing that I came across your blog tonight… i clicked on to the spotlight of faith courage award and was brought to you…congratulations by the way…but my jaw dropped when i read that you suffered from anxiety disorder and suffered from the fear of vomiting. you discribed me to a “t”. i thought i was the ONLY woman out there and what a breathe of fresh air to now that i am not alone…thank you so much for sharing that…someday i would love to chat with you!

  31. Karla-

    CONGRATULATIONS! As a mom of 4 I can honestly say the jump from 3 to 4 is not bad at all. And you truly are blessed that God chose you and your husband to raise this child. How exciting! God Bless!!!


  32. Congratulations! This is my first time to your blog and I was blessed by your post. We spent our #2 & #3 pregnancies worried about finances and insurance. My DH was laid off when I was 8M pregnant with #1 and also one week after #2 was born. My dad also lost his jobs when my mom was pregnant with #2 & #3. Our testimony is that the Lord is always faithful!

    Prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  33. Everyone has told me that the fourth child is pretty much no work at all, and I don’t think everyone would lie to me. :) This was a lovely post.

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