Clothing for your Transitional Size

After Abbie was born, I looked for pants to fit my newly expanded body. I didn’t want to fall into the standard sweatpants style, so I found me several nice elastic waist pants that were very comfortable and would hold me over until I was able to fit back into my regular clothing.

Abbie is seven, and I still wear those pants. I’ve worn them casual and I’ve worn them dressed up with heels to church.

But this past weekend my husband called me out on wearing them while Fightin’ the Frump. He says that they are the equivalent to wearing *gasp* sweatpants to church. And that he feels like people are wondering why he can’t afford to buy his family real clothes.

Then he told me he was gonna burn them…

Sooooooo… you’re saying you don’t like them??

He dragged my butt to WalMart under the guise of purchasing a wireless router. But then he shoved dragged walked me to the ladies clothing section. It had been forever since I tried on clothes; since before I got pregnant with Declan. I have a lovely wardrobe of pre-pregnancy clothes, and I am determined to fit back into them. That makes it hard to justify spending anything on transition clothes.

But seriously, there is nothing wrong with finding something flattering and comfortable for this season in my life. Who knows… my body may settle into this size.

I found three pairs of pants that really boosted my spirits. They are comfortable and yet, look really sassy and nice.

First, I found these great dress trousers from the George line ($17.95)
From the Lee Riders line, these stretch front khakis. ($17.95) Mine are actually a bit flared at the bottom. More of a boot cut.

And my favorites: Lee Rider Trouser jeans ($18.95). Very comfortable and flattering. Mine are a really dark blue with gold stitching, like the pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans I had in 5th grade. I had a pair similar to these right out of college and I adored them. I outgrew them They shrunk, so I was thrilled to find something similar after all these years.

What about you? Do you force yourself to wear sweatpants when you are in a transition size? Or do you allow yourself to give in and purchase something that actually flatters your new shape and figure?


  1. Foo-say Ponts says

    I love the George line!

  2. Mackenzies Momma says

    Considering that I am still wearing some of my ‘pregnancy’ clothes, I think I’m guilty of this one. I really just need to suck it up and buy some new pants. Great FtF topic.

    Wanna go ‘shopping’ ;) with me? ;)

  3. I have lost 120 lbs after wieght loss surgery, and still losing. One of my rules is no elastic waist pants. They lull you into a false sense of security, while regular waist pants tell you if you’ve gained.
    I really like the sort of wider waist pants, as in example one, they look flattering on most shapes.
    You have a great site ! Amie

  4. Ohhh, I have to say that I wear sweatpants while in the transition. I refuse to go out and buy new clothes…..
    The pants you posted are adorable. Love ’em.

  5. Never Ever EVER wear sloppy clothing under the guise of “transitional”… Ever.

    You must dress the body you have AT THAT MOMENT. You owe it to the people around you and most of all you owe it to yourself! Remember – your body hears everything you think – so – BE KIND! If you do not love your body you will be hard-pressed to take care of it.

    Please – get to a consignment shop, or Target, or (yuck) Wal*Mart or thrift store – just buy clothing that FITS YOU TODAY. Please. Consider it a public service!

  6. Sister Honey Bunch says

    You know, I really like the George pants there. They feel good. And so affordable. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. First. LOVE your new design. LOVE.

    Second. I totally bought transition clothes. My theory is, you feel better about yourself, and it’s easier to get motivated to lose that weight. I had so many sets of clothes in my closet by the third child, I could have opened a consignment store!

    But after Becca was born, and I lost the weight for GOOD, I got rid of all those transitional clothes so I can’t be tempted to wear them again if I put on five pounds. It was so therapeutic to clean house!

  8. Baby Mamma aka Tamra says

    I buy transition clothes. I have bins of clothing from size 14 to 4. Seriously. Bras from size D to A. And I go thru the stack every time! I had huzby get the bins of my ‘large’ stuff just this week to wear after this baby is born. Sigh.

  9. Great post, I love some of my jeans from Wally World, but I dont have the trouser ones. Think I need to go there today.

  10. fullheartandhands mama says

    I was thinking about doing a post like this myself, but you did it much better than I would of.

    My youngest is 8 weeks and I’m all about transistional clothes. I found a great pair of light blue pants at Target and am going to the the khaki. I’ll have to check out Wal Mart as well. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Considering I am STILL not back to my Pre-Pregnant size–unless you could pants with STRETCH (it’s always in capitals on the tags), i have gone thru 2 transitional wardrobe sizes. I got some great advice about this: elastic waistbands let you be loose and comfy like you’re still pregant, a button-up pant makes you hold in your stomach, and supports those stomach muscles like you did naturally BEFORE pregnancy. They help you move down to a smaller size faster than you would if you wore elastic all the time.

  12. Way to go! I think those look lovely, especially pair #1.

    I try to buy at least five outfits that I feel absolutely wonderful in no matter what size I am. You just don’t want to feel frumpy. You want to feel great!

    And if you keep all the really small stuff, it just makes you feel guilty. I figure we should get rid of most stuff that doesn’t fit us, and then, if we ever do get back to that size, we have an excuse to go shopping!

    Besides, probably 70% of what is in anyone’s closet looks awful anyway. If we only kept the stuff that was actually flattering and that made us feel better, we’d have more storage room in our homes and we’d feel a lot more empowered!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  13. I just did the SAME thing. I was on two different drugs that caused quite a bit of weight gain (well more than I like to carry around anyway) and I cleaned out my closet and got “real” with myself (I put those clothes that did not fit in plastic containers) and found out I had NO CLOTHES (well nt enough anyway and not much I felt “sassy” in).

    So, I started looking on ebay for Coldwater creek clothes – they were all new with tags (OMG how I love that brand) and also sports savvy clothes – new with tags (QVC brand) and OMG I am wearing the CUTEST outfit today (infact I posted about it a while ago on my blog – it’s the “leopard one” — we still have snow on the ground here so it’s not the springy on).

    Once my Coldwater creek clothes arrive I’ll post about thosse as well.

    I tried to buy clothes that would transition from this size to a smaller size – no problem (a little elastic in the waist (not much).

    jeez, sorry – I should have save this for my OWN post.

    Thanks Karla for the inspiration!!!!

  14. I bought transitional clothes- it’s not good to feel frumpy and worth a small investment! Good for you!!

  15. I’m wearing transitional pants today, even though I’m transitioning in the opposite direction! I just entered trimester 2, so I’m wearing post-partum pants. Noting else is right.
    But I only have 2 pair that can cut it. Tricky stage. If I shaved my legs more frequently I might venture out in skirts more.

  16. I love those – especially the first pair – SO cute!

    It’s hard to give up initially and go for the transition clothes, but it’s so nice to feel & look good (and comfortable!) nothing wrong with having a small transition wardrobe…

  17. Jane @ What About Mom? says

    This is a great post. I love hearing that cute women with aspirations to fabulousness shop at Walmart, because I shop at Walmart!

    I’m better about getting bright new shirts and stuff than pants, because you can do much less trying-on, and they just refresh your wardrobe and the new colors cheer me up.

    And, I always figure if I found it at Walmart, SURELY I can afford it, right? right?

  18. Cassie - Homeschooling Four says

    Great new pants! I have tried both ways. Actually, I have found that the more I wear sweats and those type of clothing, the less I lose weight. I end up either satisfied that I fit into anything or disgusted that these are the only pants I can wear. Either way, I eat more. If I have clothes that I feel good in a the moment (even if it’s only 1 or 2 outfits), it motivates me to keep going (then I can buy 1 or 2 more outfits).

  19. Kelly @ Love Well says

    My youngest is 11 weeks, and I’m all about transition clothes. I don’t like elastic-waist pants, and by the time the baby was 3 weeks old, the maternity wear wasn’t looking right anymore. That’s when I gave in and bought a pair of jeans that fit me now from Old Navy.

    And this week, I went back and bought a size smaller. Like one of the previous posters said, you might end up with a wide range of sizes on your closet. But at least I’m not feeling frumpy.

    Added bonus: I can tell that I’m losing weight as I’m losing it.

  20. Michelle@Life with Three says

    After my last child, I gave in and spent the money for some nice transition clothes. I felt like I had been through so much after having a baby — my body felt so foreign to me — that it would really bolster my spirits to dress in something nicer than sweats. I just felt better about myself, overall. You made some great purchases! LOVE the trouser jeans, by the way!

  21. CastoCreations says

    I have such a hard time finding pants that are comfortable and fit my body type that once I find them I wear them to death even past their acceptable prime.

    I’m trying to lose weight right now so I don’t want to buy clothes that I will under-grow in the next few months. So I’m frumpy. I admit it. :)

  22. Number one, do you think your husband could talk to my husband? What a cool guy, tricking you to buy nice clothes! I love it. Number two, (snort) my pants have been shrinking, too! What brand of frosting, er laundry detergent are you using?

  23. Thank God you married well. The pants are fabulous and I am so glad you are going to be fightin’ the frump at church and elsewhere.

  24. My hubby got me a department store giftcard for Valentines Day, that was 2 weeks after I gave birth. I said I was going to save it until I lost the baby weight, but I recently spent almost all of it on some nice clothes to wear now. I will still be able to wear them when/if I lose more weight so I don’t feel bad about it.

  25. Okay, you’ve convinced me – I’m ordering some clothes that fit the size I am RIGHT now.

  26. I think I have a pair of those same pants. I wore them today to church!!

  27. Jan/ says

    If the smaller sizes you are hanging on to are more than three years old (counting from whenever you bought them), get rid of them. By the time you are that size again, you will want whatever colors and styles are current, not something out of style.

  28. *lol* True! We all fall for this..

    “If I buy BIG pants now, I’ll feel comfortable and I won’t make effort to loose weight”

    But.. you know.. weight isn’t lost as fast as it came during pregnancy, so you’ll end up wearing ‘in the meantime’ pants for a lonnnnng time ;)

    greetings from the netherlands!

  29. Girl, did you strike a chord, or what? Look at all these comments!

    I must get myself to Wal-Mart for the trouser jeans….very cute!

  30. I did find that after pregnancy, I had a sloppy look. Even when I cleaned up, I looked sloppy because I was wearing things that were frumpy. I felt bad about myself and dressing frumpy didn’t help things. I have since started to lose a little bit of weight and with each pound, you get a boost. I’m slowly working my way downward and can’t wait to buy some new clothes! In fact, I like those George slacks you got!

  31. Laura Hudson says

    I’m losing weight right now, and getting smaller than I realized I would for the amount of weight to lose. I don’t want to spend money right now (and really can’t afford it) on new clothes that I may wear a month or so. What to do, what to do?

    I am on several local freecycle and freeuse groups. I pass on the clothes that have outgrown me, and seek things for my current size and next size down, and it’s all free. It’s been working well. The only elastic-waisted pants I have are workout pants and pajamas. :-)

    • That is such a great idea, Laura. I wish that had occurred to me at the time! The money was the main issue for me, and it was too easy to try to justify just wearing my big clothes. But getting things that fit, really does feel good!!

      Congrats on losing your weight!

      • Laura Hudson says

        :-) I only just realized that the original post was 4 years ago! I was just doing random web searches to try to earn points on and typed in “transition clothing”, and your blog post came up. :)

        • Laura — this post is still a bit relevant for me… if you know what I mean (stubborn five pounds…) Maybe that means it’s time to admit they aren’t transitional for me anymore? ;)

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