classic karla

These are some of my favorite posts. While my circumstances may have changed since they were written, the lessons have not been forgotten.

Looking Towards Heaven (about my faith)

Moses had the right idea – Wherever He leads, I’ll go (Following God’s voice)
How I Became Refined (Restoration after being brought to our knees)
A Birth and A Rebirth (Restoration after my abortion)
The Haves and the Have Nots (What do we really need to be happy?)
God still provides Manna (Food was delivered to our doorstep right when we needed it)
Christmas, where are you (Keeping Christmas in Perspective)
Trying to Keep things in Perspective (My struggles with anxiety and panic attacks)
What More Could We Possibly Need (Learning to be content with what we have)

My Life With Kids

And I’d do it All Again Tomorrow, for free (Parenting is hard and Seamus is crazy)
The Most Disgusting Thing I’ve ever posted and Why (Losing my hair after childbirth was very symbolic)
The Day I became a Mother (How Motherhood has changed me)
Time to pull out the ‘ole parenting books (and search for some relevant scriptures) (again… parenting is hard, and Seamus is crazy)

Just For Fun

Fightin’ the Frump (a series in fashion tips)
My Excellent Fashion Adventure
One day, this will be how my kids react to me (Being tortured by a sassy children’s toy)
If Loving These is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right (My love affair with some cool boots)
Supa-Star (trying out new hair styles)
How to Drive yourself into a corner with a gallon of Haagen-Dazs and 4 dozen frosted sugar cookies (Teaching myself to knit)
Stick a Needle in My Eye (more teaching myself to knit)
There is such a thing as good Christian Fiction (List of favorite Christian authors)
How can one even begin to sum up such a wonderful experience (Recalling High School memories)