Character: Week 3 – Vision

Okay – so I am changing the way I am doing this study, for 2 reasons…

1) typing the study out probably violates some law and could get me in trouble, that I don’t mean to get into.
2) even if it were okay to do, I’m typing out the lessons and no one is responding. So, my time will be better spent typing the scripture the lesson is based on and then actually writing my thoughts on the topic.

Lesson 3 is based on Matthew 19:16-30

In this lesson, the author describes vision as the following: “First, vision is the God-given ability to see possible solutions to the everyday problems of life. Second, vision is the ability to see beneath the surface of people’s lives. And third, vision is the ability to catch a glimpse of what God wants to do through your life if your dedicate yourself to Him.”

Vision is something I have struggled with. I’ve always struggled with “Is this God speaking to me? or is it my flesh?” I don’t feel that I have a good sense of the difference when faced with a tight spot. Trust me, I can spot it a mile away when it is something obvious. But place that fine line in there and I can analyze it and rationalize it both ways and still not come to a conclusion. It ends up being a leap of faith.

I don’t always see solutions. I’m not a problem solver. I tend to get lazy and give up; throw up the white flag.

I suppose the only vision I do feel that I have is the ability to see below the surface of people’s lives. I can sense when someone is just offering a pat answer or trying to put on a brave face. What I do need to improve on is following through with those feelings. Reaching out to that person. Even as an adult I tend to fall back upon that awkwardness I had as a teenager – “what if I look stupid?” “What if I don’t know what to say?”…

I am reading Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore. In its own way it is addressing this topic of vision. To see the grime we have surrounded ourselves with. To stop spinning our wheels in the mud and muck and reach out to God for His hand to pull us out of the tough spots. We might have been pushed in the pit, slipped in the pit or jumped in, but we can redecorate it and stay comfortable there and think that it is the only place for us to reside.

But God doesn’t want it that way. He wants to pull us out of it. And He gives us a vision for getting out and what lies beyond… if we just ask.

My prayer after this lesson is that God will infuse me with vision. I pray that I can see beyond the tip of my nose and glimpse the solutions that God has for me.


  1. This blog spoke to my heart right when I needed it. I am in a huge pit right now and I am having a hard time waiting on God. And I am right there with you when you state that you have a hard time determining if it God or your flesh in the though decisions.

    Thanks for letting God use you through this blog.
    I found you through a comment you left on Beth’s blog.

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