Character: Week 2 – Discipline

Again, pardon the delay — round 3 of this virus is making it’s round…

Considering my last post, this week’s study is very timely. I think this is something we all could use brushing up on, at least in SOME area of our life: quiet time, exercise, money, using our time…

Let’s get started!

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Galations 5:16-26

“In various polls, I have asked people what character quality they would most like to have more of; usually one of the top responses is discipline.
…what is discipline? Delayed gratification. The key to practising discipline can be described in three words – advance decision-making…
When the world clamours for instant gratification and easy solutions, it is hard to choose the way of discipline instead. But you will never build a walk with God, a marriage, a body or a bank account by obeying the world’s law of instant gratification. Payday will come in its own time, if you endure the pain and put your nose to the grindstone now.

When has advance decison-making paid off for you?

What are some areas of life where you prefer quick rather than delayed gratification?

finances (spending)
health (including eating)
correcting other people

How might life change for the better if you develop discipline in those areas?

Read Galations 5:16-26

  1. Which of the qualities liste in vs. 19-21 demonstrate instant gratification?
  2. Why do the qualities in vs. 22-23 require a commitment to delayed gratification?
  3. From your own experience, when has “living by the Spirit” called for delaying gratification? Think of specific incidents.
  4. What makes a disciplined life worthwhile?
  5. As you look at the two contrasting lists in this scripture, in what area do you feel the most need for discipline?
  6. Vs. 25 says we live by God’s Spirit. In what sense does living by the Spirit depend on our cooperation through self-discipline?
  7. In what sense does our self-discipline ultimately depend on the Holy Spirit’s work within us?

Think of an area in which you feel the most need for discipline. What would it mean for you to say, ‘I’ll do what it takes’ in that area?

Make some advance decisions through which you will begin to exercise discipline in a specific area of your life.

Ask God to make you a person of discipline.”

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