Catching Up – Happy Fall, Y’all!

Oh my, y’all… I try to keep snippets of stuff updated over here, but I’ve been busy with client work and focusing on writing for our professional blog.

So… HEY!!

Just to bring everyone up to speed, in no particular order:

~ I finally (!!!!!!) got my IUD out. My ANA test came back positive, so I’m headed to a rheumatologist in December. It doesn’t mean I have RA, but it does mean my body is fighting something. Hopefully, my body will have had time to heal by then, and the result will be more accurate.

Also: Filling in the paperwork for my visit to the rheumatologist makes my hands and arms hurt… *sigh*

~ I’ve been working on a 31 day series (thank you, Nester) entitled “31 Days to Peace – finding inner peace through anxiety and panic attacks“. I’ve shared my story on my struggle with panic attacks before, but I’m digging in more, in hopes of helping those who struggle with them, and for helping those who don’t to understand them more.


The gist of it is this:

For those who have never dealt with constant anxiety or panic attacks, these posts will, hopefully, serve as a catalyst for understanding and compassion. Before I had one (or knew I had one), I was clueless as to what they were, much less, how they felt. Like childbirth, it’s hard to explain.

For those who have experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks, my hope is that you will realize that there is no shame to these feelings, and that there is hope for healing and peace.

You can keep up with the series by bookmarking this page.

~ Yesterday, my neighbor surprised me with a nail polish that she had seen me ‘like’ on Pinterest.

essie demure vix Essie Demure Vixen

It is one of my most favorite colors ever! And it is perfect for fall.

My other current makeup favs are:

Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick 03 – a gorgeous neutral!

MAC Blot powder (pressed)

It’s expensive, but worth it. Also: I’m convinced that it equals out the same as the cheap brands because I rarely need to touch it up. (And if I do, it’s a tiny dab.)

mac blot powder medium

So what about you? What have you been up to???

*yes – those makeup links are affiliate links  :)


  1. http://Lindsy says

    I found your website through Pinterest. I’m so curious what kind of problems you can experience with the iud? I have one and now I’m nervous about it!?

    • http://Karla says

      Hi Lindsy~

      I apologize for the delay in replying to your comment!

      I actually didn’t experience any of the common problems associated with the IUD. But I did have a couple of other changes after having it inserted (eg: rather than my period going away, I had two very light spotting episodes every month).

      I’m not sure that my chronic pain is associated with the IUD, as I still experience it, even after having it removed. That may be because my body is still healing from something it triggered? Or it may be because it was never related to the IUD to begin with… That’s why I didn’t want to vilify it when I wrote about it in the original post ( — I just don’t know or have proof.

      That being said, there does seem to be a correlation for some people.

      My advise would be to not be alarmed… just keep an eye on how you feel, and if there are any changes that you notice in your body.

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