Headed to the Frist. And Avoiding Maternity Shops with Little Boys

Yesterday, Abbie came home with a note from school advising us that she has some art work that will be on display at the Frist Center in downtown Nashville. We are invited to an Opening Reception Thursday night.

This is such a sweet honor for my girl. She loves to draw – always has. It’s funny, she doesn’t understand the honor that it is. But she is only one of a small group from her school to be selected.

Finally, yesterday I was at the mall with Quinn and Seamus. I went into the maternity store (I am in some DIRE need of maternity clothes… *sigh* I don’t think there is any way I’ll be pregnant AND stylish though…) Quinn (my 4 yr old) was already irritated about being in “the girl store” – he didn’t like how his shoes sounded on the floor… he didn’t like how the ladies voices sounded coming from the dressing room… blah blah blah. We were headed out and he was dawdling behind when I heard a familiar voice loudly proclaiming “eewwwwww – I saw her BUTT! Her butt crack! I saw it!” I realized that, fortunately, he was only talking about a mannequin and not one of those ladies whose voice was annoying him earlier… so I kept on moving out of the store like I didn’t know whose crazy kid he was ;-)

PS – is anyone watching the Discovery Channel mini-series: Planet Earth? (it is also showing on the Science Channel) Man! Is God an AWESOME Creator or what??!!!?


  1. on the Rock says

    Art exhibits are so much fun! Congrats to your daughter! Have fun at the reception.

  2. Our girls were in art exhibits a few times throughout school so I know how proud you feel. Good for her, even if she doesn’t understand it. :-)

    And yes, your son sounds like tons of fun to go shopping with. I’d have slinked out of the store, too. LOL

    I hope you got some cute maternity clothes out of that trip!

  3. Michelle-ozark crafter says

    Oh what a day with your little one1 He is something else isn’t he? LOL! Congrats to your daughter. I always loved art too!

  4. yah! congratulations to your girl! and your boy….!!!!! sooo funny. man! God gives us kids to keep us humble, heh?

  5. Don’t you love the honesty of children? When my children were growing up I was always insistent that they learn the correct names of all body parts. I remember once day when my daughter, who was four at the time, were in WalMart and we walked down an aisle where all the bras were hanging on one side. As she walked down the aisle she held her hand out and tapped each bra hanging along the way all the time saying, “breast, breast, breast, breast.”

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