capturing our life: photo apps

(both photos: taken with instagram)

A lot of the posts that I’ve been wanting to write on Living the Life Fantastic have been inspired by a photo. A memory triggered from a moment captured and placed on the hard drive of my computer.

I’ve always loved taking photos, but, although I have a good eye, I’m admittedly not very good at it. My iphone has been a huge help in allowing me to always have a camera at the ready. I have a fancy schnancy DSLR. But it is usually too cumbersome to carry around, especially when I know that what I take will usually turn out shaky and poorly lit. (Maybe a cute camera bag would help? Or… maybe I just need to finally learn how to use it?)

Give me a good app from the iTunes store and I’m good to go in the photography department.

So on that note, here are some of my favorites that I regularly use:

Instagram (free)
A photo social network. I’ve been having so much fun being social with my photos and seeing what other people are doing with theirs. Right now, it is relatively new, so it feels more intimate, but it is growing at an insane pace. I take photos with my camera, and sometimes edit them in other apps before pulling them on into Instagram and sharing them.

(If you join: I’m KarlaArcher)

(taken with camera, edited in TiltShiftGen, finished in instagram)


TiltShiftGen ($.99)
the purpose of this app is creating photos that looks like you are taking photos of tiny things. I haven’t perfected that technique, but I love the blur and saturation options.

(taken with TiltShiftGen)


PictureShow ($1.99)
FUN! and I love the sound it makes when you move from option to option. I doubt I’ll ever use some of the filters, but I still love looking at what they all can do. I especially love the grungy looks.

(taken with PictureShow)


Polarize (free)
I like being able to write on the photo, and the retro color is awesome. (High Res output)

(taken with Polarize)


Fun Camera (free)
This is so fun to play with; we all get huge laughs from it! It does put an ad on the photo, but just crop it off.

(taken with iphone camera. brought into Fun Camera app [for sparkles], and finished in instagram)

Old Photo Pro (free)
The edge effects in this one are great, and the antiquing effects looks really pretty. Love the “scratchy” look as well.

PS Express (free)
I mainly use this for cropping, but also like the softening and sharpening effects.

Your Turn: What photography apps do you use and love?


  1. Gaviero Maqroll says

    Hey, you missed the privacy addicted, geolocated, everyday snapshot app called Whapee. No filters and only live…

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