Capturing Motherhood in a Photo

I adore this photo. In all of its blurriness, there is so much that is reflected in this moment. There is love, nurturing, excitement, adoration, hope and imperfection.

This photo captures firsts: meeting new brother, baby brother becoming a big brother. But it also captures lasts: last baby, last birth. Never again will my body carry a baby.

It is a bittersweet photo. Just like mothering. With all of the fears, worry and sadness, there is also joy, hope and goodness.

And the blurriness? It is a reminder to me that in spite of the imperfections of my parenting, there are still memories being made and treasured in our home.

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(and thank-you to all who asked a question of me in the prior post. I’ll start answering them tomorrow.)


  1. http://HRH says

    That is a really neat photo. So sweet the moment it captured.

  2. http://oh%20amanda says

    This might be my favorite photo from the contest. It’s perfect.

  3. http://Cmommy says

    If I were judging, you’d win! I’ve been there, in that moment, too…it is amazingly bittersweet. :-)

    (just discovered that 5 months of ‘uploaded’ photos never made it to iphoto and hubby erased them all from the camera. yikes)

  4. http://LivingforGod says

    Beautiful photo!

    I saw a Pro-Life book on your sidebar. My daugther has been participating in Steps for Life since she was 5. If you would like to help save the unborn, please visit her web page at

  5. http://JCK says

    Very cool photo. So many people would focus on the blurry quality. Yet it is the blurry quality that adds movement and a feeling to the picture.

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