Call me Unorganized

I suppose it is par for the course in a last minute move… but in our move, my “Character” bible study got packed and I’ve yet to rediscover it. (on top of the nasty intestinal virus that made several rounds and seemed to regroup and struck us all again Monday – Sweetums seemed to get it 3 different times, Sean 2 different times – they just returned to school/work today)

Is anyone still planning on doing this with me? I sure hope so. Please leave a comment if you are, and let’s get reorganized.

It is fitting that I say that because we, as a family, have set up, and are trying to settle into, a family “Plan of Action” for better health and financially.

We have been sick FAR too many times in the past 12 months. So we are taking action: vitamin regimines for everyone, lots of hand washing, lots of wiping down things that get touched, and lots of spraying of Lysol.

And Sean set up an awesome budget for us last night. But it is only as good as we adhere to it. So we are praying for self-control to be able to stick with it and make some major improvements in our lives in the coming weeks, months and years.

What have you found that works for you, in either area – staying healthy and/or sticking to your budget? Let me know — I’d love to hear your suggestions!



  1. Ack! I don’t think I can help you in either area! In fact, I could use so me help myself!

    So sorry you all have been sick so much. I hope the vitamins and sterilization will help you out!

  2. The Flip Flop Mamma! says:

    Eating healthy organic whole foods will help keep your immune system up. No artificial colors (kinda hard) flavors or additives!! Vitamins are good too, but if you’re eating raw fruits and veggies (great for snacks)then you should be getting the vitamins you need. Don’t forget the protein!! We get most of ours from Peanutbutter. Love that stuff!!!

    Put away all antibacterial handsoaps and use regular, UNTIL sickness occurs, then pull out the heavy duty stuff! We tend to use anti-bacterial everything and then it stops working on the bad bacteria and actually kills the good bacteria that we need.

    HOpe this helps!

  3. I found your blog by accident before you started the Character study and used the link you had up and ordered the book the same day. Before I was able to start the study with you, my Mother – for whom I was caregiver – became ill and passed away on Friday after a very difficult three weeks. If you are reorganizing, I would love to take the opportunity you are extending to jump in on the study! I was so looking forward to it, but sometimes life events take precedence. I am a believer that God places people in our lives at a time when we need them most and I believe (sorry for your “unorganization”) that I was again sent to your site for a reason. Please let me know when you begin the study again and where you will start in the book. Thank you so much for this “again” invitation.

  4. believe it or not we are doing both as well… trying to keep the baby in and all stay healthy.. no flu bugs this year so far praise God and its running rampid here… also trying a new budget to see about me going back to work OR NOT! So we will see… pray for me! Have a blessed week!

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