Call me crazy

I have fussed and complained and opined and all sorts of other verbs-ed, over my hair.

And apparently, I have no reason to be fretting.

Because look what I saw when looking at images from Fashion Week:

Frizz at its finest.

I’m hip after all.


  1. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    Oh yes, darling that is GORGEOUS. But you can’t wear the hair without the dress… they go so well together! (Wha?)


  2. Hooray! I’m fashionable!

  3. Not the Queen says

    Loverly! Soooo glad to see crimping in back in style. Who ever determined that crimped hair was fashionable?

  4. Are those cherries on the dress? I don’t know which is more hideous! lol

  5. Carolina Mama says

    You are a Top Mama! :) And you just got my vote! :)

  6. Yesss…. I’ve been waiting for big frizzy fros to come back in style. Mine is short, so it cuts back on the frizz (unless I don’t put product in it), but when it grows out it’s sometimes bigger than this chick’s.

  7. Yeah! I felt the same way when the new Anthropologie catalog came and the main model was wearing MY MORNING HAIR. Why fight what trendsetters we are?

  8. Shootin' It Straight ... says

    …is it me…or is she a she? I really am not too sure when I look closely. BUT, who am I to judge a book by it’s cover! I can look down and say,”Are those really the sisters? Or did someone hang bananas from my chest when I wasn’t looking?”

  9. Mrs. Fussy Fussypants says

    If not for all my conditioner & Nice-N-Easy #102 (thankyouverymuch) my hair would look just like that!

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