By the skin of my teeth!

That’s what this post is!

Seriously, all night long I’ve been keeping my eye on the clock because I knew I needed to get my daily NaBloPoMo post up (even if you’re tired of hearing about NaBloPoMo, you have to admit, it is a fun thing to say…)

But I’ve been busy WHOOPING my poor dear husband at Major League Baseball on the PlayStation… He picked up a used copy tonight, and after the kids got in bed, we taught ourselves to play. We both were pretty awful at first, but we started figuring out the tricks, and got some plays down. We are such a competitive couple. But fortunately, we are both good sports.

Apparently, I got some good moves down along with my eye-hand coordination, because right before I came out to quickly type this post, Sean called “uncle” with a score of 22 to 1.

I totally ROCKED that game tonight.

And don’t think I didn’t walk out laughing.

Because I did. Oh, yes I did.


  1. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Seriously 22 to 1? Poor guy! And you still got your NaBloPoMo post in just in time. What a woman!

  2. http://Mark says

    Please tell me that Sean let you win. What a disgrace to men everywhere to have a woman beat them on Playstation. And then to have his wife get on the WORLD WIDE WEB and blat it out for the whole world to see. I see no respect ;)

    Love ya loads


  3. http://Karla says

    oh trust me, I’ve had my share of whoopin’s!

    I also just have a good case of beginner’s luck. I always win the first several times we do something. But from that point it is all downhill…

  4. http://Homemaker05 says

    That’s great! My husband and I enjoy computer games together. When there is one he really likes I usually try to learn. It is so much more fun than letting him play while I do other things, or asking him not to play to spent time with me. A bunch of the guys at work all played the same game online, but they were either limited at how much they could play because of their wives, or neglected their wives to play (not making them happy). They were all jealous that not only did my DH get to play all the time, but I played with him. :) Such fun!

    Good for you!

  5. http://peggyvb says

    Aren’t you lucky to have a man whose ego doesn’t get in the way of enjoying life with you. Of course, he probably realizes how easily the table can turn.
    Have fun!!

  6. http://Beck says

    That is so funny – it’s so great to read about a married couple who have so much fun together. And men who are good losers.

  7. http://Ruth says

    that’s awesome. there’s nothing like kickin yer hubbys butt at a competitive game. :) i get a little crazy and it has caused my dear man to go on “game strike”.

  8. http://Sniz says

    You go girl!

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