Busy Busy Busy

That is what I am.

My to-do list? It looks like someone vomited activities all over it.

And it keeps growing.

A sampling from it?

Currently have 5 blog designs I am working on

2 Blog Buttons

Need to prepare and email a quote to a customer for Thank you cards and Holiday Cards (it’s never to early!)

Finish up a proof for place cards and table cards for a customer’s wedding

Mail 3 Mommy Card orders

Add to that the fact that we are in the midst of a complete redesign for a huge re-launch at Blissfully Domestic. I’ve got a lot of design work for that.

Family? Oh yes! I’ve got one of those…

And we are moving in a week and a half {!!!!!!!!!!!!} I wish I could say that the boxes were packing themselves. But they aren’t.

Do you have something you’ve requested of me?

If so, and you haven’t heard from me, please be patient with me, but kindly email a nudge to me so that I can reorder my to-do list.

{I did take time away from my to-do list yesterday to head to Kohl’s, where I scored $170 worth of clothes for myself for $60. Actually, it came to $3.00, because I had $60 in Kohl’s cash from our Back-to-School shopping. SCORE!}


  1. flickrlovr says

    Major win on the Kohl’s trip!

    And girl, you ARE busy. Hope you can grab a few moments to breathe and take care of yourself so you don’t get too overwhelmed. Best of luck getting all that done AND packing AND taking care of your family AND not losing your mind. Phew.

  2. You sure are busy! Woo Hoo for you on your Kohl’s score! I love that place.
    Deep breathing :-)
    It’s a good feeling to be wanted :-)
    Good luck with the move honey.

  3. Peace to you!

  4. Sounds you need a nice day on the beach and smell the ocean? That always reminds me that I am a part of something bigger and not to get hung up on what I need to do…

  5. those are the best kind of purchases, especially for yourself so you don’t feel the mommy guilt!

  6. I have the same piece of paper with vomited activities on it too! Lovely. :)

  7. I’m bored. I didn’t think I was bored, but I’m definitely bored, comparatively speaking.

    Wow. Way to go at Kohl’s!

  8. I tagged you in a meme on my blog…please come and play along! :)

  9. Oh, man…I’m speechless. Moving, too? At least you will look great working yourself like a horse in your Kohl’s finds! I love a good bargain!

  10. Jami @ livelaughlove5 says

    you are moving too?? oh girl, I’m going to pray for you. you’ll get it all done…yes you will! :)

  11. Wow, good luck with getting all that done with most of your sanity intact! :)

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