Brain Freeze

Today, I went to change Seamus’s diaper. As usual, I could not find the wipes. I went from room to room to room and back again… they were no where to be found.

I asked hubby if he had seen them… nope
Kids if they had seen them… nope

The last place I had remembered seeing them was on top of the deep freezer. I tried to retrace my steps, because I did remember that I had picked them up from that spot. I looked around in a circle, like a dog getting ready to lie down. I was too embarrassed to admit what was beginning to surface in my head. But no one was around, so I knew it was safe to look.

And there they were, right where I had put them 3 hours before, in the deep freezer.

Obviously, I still had to find something to wipe his bottom with. Call it mother’s intuition, but something told me it wouldn’t be a nice thing to freeze his tushy off – literally…


  1. http://Sarah's%20In%20the%20Midst%20of%20It says

    Karla, I re-read your original comment on my Stop It! post after reading your new comment this morning–I didn’t see anything that was out of line, if if makes you feel better! Anonymous mentioned losing two children (I think?) in her first comment, so what you said about her being deeply hurt and maybe needing some counseling wasn’t inappropriate at all. I wonder if we all reacted so strongly to Anonymous because we have all felt like Trish at some time? Not with the critically ill baby, but with being overwhelmed with life regardless of being blessed! And so when Anonymous criticized, it’s like we all felt the sting!

    Your comments are always very sweet :)

    (And if I had a deep freezer, there’s no telling what I’d leave in there! Scary!! I’m pretty sure my brain has holes in it!!)

  2. http://Michelle-ozark%20crafter says

    I am glad you didn’t freeze his little tushie1 LOL! Nice to know I am not alone in doing things like that and having brain freeze!

  3. http://Jen%20Holland says

    That is too funny!! I lose my wipes all the time, but I can honestly say I’ve never put them in the freezer! LOL!!

  4. http://Barb says

    Just your opening line, change Moose’s diaper, makes me smile, Karla. For some reason, I get a mental image of a big moose running around in a Pamper. LOL

    And yeah, I believe if anything, you’re supposed to WARM the wipes, not freeze them. Boy, I have soooo done dumb things like that. Even when I’m the only one who knows, it’s embarrassing. :-)

  5. http://Karla says

    ha! Barb – your image is pretty accuracte! Compared to my other 2, he is huge! They are long and lean, and he has this huge baby belly and just stirs things up whenever he comes on a room…

  6. http://Anonymous says

    Karla, I really had to laugh at this, picturing you running all over the place wondering where the WIPES had gone. I look forward to reading your Blog all the time.

    Mrs. W. who has known you since you were a little girl.

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