Bloggy Giveaway *giveaway #2*

This contest is now closed.
Thank you all for your interest in my giveaways!
The winners of all four of my giveaways and this weeks What The? will be announced later today (Feb. 2) in a separate post.

Look what I’m giving away!

(this isn’t the fabric, but trust me – it will be gorgeous. I will have a photo for the winner to choose from)

It’s a purse – made by by mom! She is so talented. She makes these purses out of the most gorgeous fabrics and color combinations. Each purse comes with a liner that can be transferred from one bag to another, so you can change your purse quickly with your outfit.

The liner has compartments for holding your cell phone, pens, purse calendar… It is oh so handy! See this post for photos of my purse and the liner. (I’m trying to get a website finished for her, so check back and let me know if you want that info when her site is ready)

This contest is only open to US residents.

For your chance to win, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll leave the comments open until this Saturday, February 2nd. Then I’ll use my trusty hat to pull the name of the winner.

Be sure to see my other giveaway here.

By the way, I know that everyone is racing around this week looking over new blogs and giveaways, but if you are interested in seeing more of what I typically post, please come back and check out the following:

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Remember to head over to Bloggy Giveaways for the master list of participants. Have fun!


  1. http://Lesha says

    Very cute!

  2. http://Ginny says

    Love your blog and the purse!

  3. http://Jennifer says

    Wow. 2 giveaways. That is so fun. Please include me.

  4. http://Beth says

    I love this purse!

  5. http://stephanie says

    Enter me please! :)

  6. http://Reformed%20Grits says

    Really cute! I’d love to win. :-)

  7. http://crafty%20carolinagirl says

    Love your mom’s purses. They’d be great to hold some of my yarn :)

  8. http://His%20Girl says

    pardon me, that is an ADORABLE bag. count me in, por favor!

  9. http://Daughter%20of%20the%20King says

    Add my name in, please

    yesipray at gmail dot com

  10. http://Tammy says

    What a sweet purse!

  11. http://Chez*Moi says

    ooooo, enter me too please!
    ‘Cause I need a new bag to replace the one I’m giving away on my blog! LOL!


  12. I think that is such a cute purse. Thanks for the give away

  13. http://Laura/DaPFG says

    how cute! i’d love a new purse for spring!!

  14. http://racheariel says

    I LOVE it!!!

  15. http://THE%20OTHER%20HUSE says

    SO ADORABLE!!! I love it!

    Pick me, pick me!

    (and tell me what the darn “what the” is this month. It’s killing me!)

  16. http://Momala says

    Gorgeous purse! I love it!

  17. http://Stacey says

    This is so great!

    Enter my name please ma’am.

  18. http://Lisa%20@%20Take90West says

    That would be such a great Spring bag!

  19. http://teri says

    Thanks to Mom!

  20. http://Traveling%20Woman says

    Great purse! and I need a new one. Enter me.

  21. http://Christina says

    How dainty and GORGEOUS!!! Please enter moi!!!

  22. http://Kelsey%20S says

    That is too cute!!

  23. http://Vickie says

    Love it! Please count me in.

  24. This purse is beautiful! Please enter me in the draw! Thank you & your Mom!

  25. http://Stacey says

    enter me please!

  26. Beautiful work! Thanks for the chance to win. Kim

  27. It’s a beautiful purse – and I can imagine that the other fabric will be beautiful too!

    Thank you for including me in your giveaway. I appreciate it!

  28. http://Melissa says

    count me in please!!

  29. http://Wendy%20Sue says

    wow, what a talented mom!! I’d love to be included in your drawing – thank you! :o)

  30. http://Jackie says

    Please include me!

  31. http://Jennifer says

    Lovely purse. Your mom did a great job!

  32. http://Mallett%20Family says

    Those purses are darling!!!!

  33. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    Very cute!

  34. http://Geri says

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Please count me in !

  35. http://Deb%20-%20Mom%20of%203%20Girls says

    Oh what a great purse – I’d love to win one! :)

  36. http://Rhonda says

    I’d love to have a purse like this!!

  37. http://Just%20Me says

    Looks great. Count me in.

  38. http://Anonymous says

    Pick me! I love it!Holly

  39. http://CrystalGB says

    Great prize. Count me in.

  40. http://Sileena says

    This is soo cute and I like what I see on your blog so I’ll be back!

  41. http://divasobssession says

    Super cute! Your Mom is so talented!

  42. http://Katy says

    Oh…that bag is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your mom does a fantastic job! I would love to win! Please enter me! Thank you so much! :)

  43. http://idyll%20hands says

    What a great bag design! I hope I win :)

  44. http://Missy says

    Count me in!

  45. http://Gretchen says

    i would love to win this, Karla!


  46. http://Paige says

    Lovely purse!

  47. http://Jessica says

    The purse is so cute!! Count me in!

  48. http://Amanda says

    Awesome! Please enter me!

  49. http://Susan says

    Very sweet!

  50. http://Mrs.%20Hewett says

    Your mom is a very talented lady. I would love to win one of her creations. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks so much!

  51. http://S.B. says

    Wow, I would love a handmade bag

  52. http://Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks says

    Adorable! I would love to win. THanks!

  53. http://momma24 says

    It’s about time for me to have a new handbag!! Please enter me.

  54. http://Anonymous says

    How loverly!!! An awesome bag like that would certainly spiff up my wardrobe……and an organizer to boot!!??!! Who wouldn’t adore that! Yes, please, put my name in your hat. :)

  55. http://cabesh says

    I love the idea of the mobile organizer.

  56. http://~Billie~ says

    I love your blog and your mom is so talented! Count me in!

  57. http://David%20&%20Casey says

    What a great purse and a very talented mother you have. Also a great idea to have the interswitchable (is that a liner!

  58. http://Stephenson%20Family says

    Cute! Looks like a great one for a mom with lots of things to carry! Thank you!

  59. http://mark_tepera says

    Very cute purse. Would love to have one.

  60. http://TheAngelForever says

    What a great giveaway.

    Please feel free to stop by my giveaway.


  61. http://you%20da%20mom! says

    cute! can’t wait for the drawing!

  62. http://michelle says

    The bag is beautiful. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

  63. http://Someone%20Being%20Me says

    That is so pretty. Please sign me up.

  64. http://Dollymama says

    Love it! Pick me! ;)

  65. http://Carrie says

    Cute, cute it!

  66. http://Muddy says

    Cute purse, thanks for offering the giveaway!

  67. http://M.E. says

    Wow, such a cute purse! Enter me, please! Amazing work!

  68. http://Christy says

    Very cute purse!

  69. http://Londa says

    LOVE the purse! Hope I win!

    ljbs3 (at) juno (dot) com

  70. http://Shannon says

    oh I love the handbag! Enter me!

  71. http://Awesome%20Mom says

    Very cute bag!!!

  72. http://Dorian%20&%20Monte says

    That bag is beautiful!!!! Put me in the running.

  73. http://Bargainista says

    I would love this for taking a project and a wallet to work for quiet nights.

  74. http://KnittinChick says

    I would love this for a wallet and knitting project. I think that it would go perfectly with my coloring as well!

  75. http://lifeasamama says

    your mom DOES make lovely stuff!

  76. http://Laura%20@%20Laura%20Williams'%20Musings says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Stop by my place to win a bath set & candles or one of two copies of a book I’m giving away.

    Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings

  77. That bag is fabulous!

  78. http://Britt says

    OH my gosh, I love it!!!

  79. http://Once%20Upon%20a%20Dream... says

    Oh, I’d love to win! What a beautiful bag! Please count me in! Thank you!

    I’m doing a giveaway on both of my blogs:

    I’ll be doing a new giveaway everyday until Friday. Thought you might want to know.


  80. http://Elise says

    A girl could never have too many purses- especially if they’re as beautiful as this! Thank you!

  81. http://Heidi%20@%20GGIP says

    That design with the liner is genius! I’m not saying that lightly. The reason I don’t change purses often is because of the actual moving stuff.

    I hope you really enjoy the contests!

  82. http://Teri%20in%20CO says

    I love the purse! Please include me in the drawing!

  83. http://devildogwife says

    Beautiful purse. Please sign us up. Thanks!

  84. http://Jeni says

    What a pretty purse! And the liner is a great idea!

  85. http://Mommy says

    Beautiful purse. :) Please count me in, and thank you for offering it. :)

  86. http://mindyvasil says

    Great bag! I love the idea of the removable liner.

  87. http://amyanne says

    I would love the bag…my (fabulous children’s) dog chewed through the strap on my most favoritest bag…a year ago and I haven’t replaced it yet.

    I am in need.

  88. http://Bree says

    Ohh- please enter me! Thanks!

  89. http://Wendy says

    Great giveaway:) Count me in!

  90. http://Laura says

    The liner idea is brilliant! I think I need one!

  91. http://Sweetpeas says

    How cute!

  92. http://Betsy says

    Very cute!

  93. http://Hélène says

    That is beautiful! I would love it.

  94. http://Naomi says

    ooh, I like yours better!

  95. http://Christy says


  96. http://Denise says

    I love a cute tote bag!!

  97. http://lace says

    your mom is very talented. How pretty.

  98. http://Melissa%20Markham says

    What a lovely purse! Your mom is very talented!

  99. says

    You are so lucky to have such a talented Mama!! This is a great giveaway!

  100. http://The%20Chatty%20Housewife- says

    I love the style and it looks well made.nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

  101. http://Shannon says

    What a beautiful bag!

    Count me in!

  102. http://Holly says

    Very pretty… please count me in!

  103. http://Jennifer%20P says

    I love that purse!

  104. http://Rachel says

    That is SO CUTE!!
    Thanks so much!

  105. http://Alaina says

    Very cute purse! I would love to win!

  106. http://Kerri says

    Enter me, Enter me!


  107. http://Debbie#3 says

    Beautiful! I hope you pick me!

  108. http://Katie says

    I just realized today I need a tote. This one is pretty cute! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

    katie at dekabyte dot com

  109. http://Jenna says

    That’s adorable! I entered hundreds of contest last time there was a bloggy carnival and didn’t win anything… I would love to this time!

  110. http://Sarah says

    Hey, I remember you! Didn’t you participate in the Fall Ya’ll bloggy giveaway and you had the same photo of the purse your mom made? I didn’t win last time. Here’s my shot! Thanks for hosting this. :-)

  111. http://Carrie%20Sue says

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway, please pick me!

  112. http://LaughNLove says

    I know just who I’d give it to, please enter me.

  113. http://Bebemiqui says

    Great giveaway! Count me in.

  114. http://Heather%20L. says

    The purse is really cute!

    hrlefebvre AT

  115. http://Sarah says

    Very pretty!

  116. http://Cindy says

    A new purse would be wonderful! Had fun visiting here earlier this week; nice to be back. :)

  117. http://InnaC says


  118. http://Rachie%20S. says

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  119. http://Carrie says

    What a great idea…your mom is one talented lady. I’d love to carry one of her purses!

  120. http://Kristen says

    Pretty purse.

  121. http://eyeslikesugar says

    How lovely! I hope I win. =)

  122. http://Vaughanville says

    You have no idea how BADLY I need a new purse. My teenage daughter is embarassed to be seem with me! Help!

  123. http://Qtpies7 says

    I so wanted to win one of your mom’s purses last time! Yippee for another shot!

  124. http://Snowbird says

    I love the purse. Neat blog too. Come visit me at

  125. http://Maggie says

    I HEART your mom.


  126. http://BrineS says

    Hey! That’s a lovely bag! I’m an American in Australia at the moment…but I do still have my U.S. address! Hooray for me!

  127. http://Tallie%20Elizabeth says

    Count me in!!

  128. http://Erin says

    I love purses like that. Thanks!

  129. http://Amanda says

    Your mom IS talented — count me in!

  130. http://Jenn says

    Tell your mom the bags are so cute. I so wish I could sew! I need a new one to carry my stuff for Bible study each week. Thanks!

  131. http://kierra57 says

    Your mom did a wonderful job!

  132. http://Jennifer says

    That bag is so pretty! Count me in please!

  133. http://Wired%20Wilsons says

    Very nice!

  134. http://~Nancy~ says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

    Be sure to come enter mine.

  135. http://Fiddle%20D.%20Dee says

    Your mother is very talented! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of her works of art!

  136. http://heather%20h says

    Oh how cute, I’d love to win. This would make a lovely gift for a little friend that would adore this. Thank you for sharing your mom’s talent with us!

  137. http://Mary says

    What a cute bag! I’ll be back to look around later this week, your writing is incredibley funny!

  138. http://redfantum says

    Very nice bag.

  139. http://mp_blaylock says

    What a nice purse!

  140. http://Anonymous says

    Your mom is very talented.That purse is gorgeous!

  141. http://Laura says

    You’re mom is fantastic! What a great bag!

  142. http://Reeva says

    wow great giveaway! count me in to win!

  143. http://Anonymous says


  144. http://Amy%20A says

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    amyjohnallen at bellsouth dot net

  145. http://Mark says

    I read thru some of your other posts. Too Funny!
    Wendy Clark

  146. http://Stacey says

    Thanks so much for the drawing. Please enter me!


  147. http://Jenny says

    so cute and a great design

  148. http://Angela says

    What a neat bag!!!! Please enter me!!!

  149. http://Melanie says

    What a talented Mother you have! I’d love to be entered!

  150. http://Kyra says

    That bag is beautiful and I sure need one! Hope I win! :)

  151. http://Heather says

    I love that bag — and I’m sure I’ll love whichever one I win. ;-)

  152. http://braysgram says

    Great giveaway. Thank you.

  153. http://amyloublog says

    I’m a sucker for handbags!

  154. http://Romie says

    Love the purse, the liner idea is great, please count me in!

  155. http://Shelly says

    I love bags too!

  156. http://Megan says

    count me in!

  157. http://Lady_MSnow says

    Count me in!

  158. http://Katie says
  159. http://Stephanie says

    Love Love the purse!!!

  160. http://Jenna%20Z says


  161. http://tlcfromtn says

    Nice bag! Great job, Mom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  162. http://ahiltz says

    What a beautiful bag! Thanks for doing this!

  163. http://Peggie says

    Beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  164. http://Sarah%20M says

    What a beautiful bag!! I’d love to enter.

  165. http://lovedandamazed says

    Oh, I remember that lovely picture from the last giveaway! I was disappointed I didn’t win, and now am happy to have another chance. :-) Please do let me know when you get the website running!

  166. http://Ms.%20Can't%20Be%20Wrong says

    I can only imagine how fabulous the giveaway bag will be!

    Can’t wait!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. http://Bloggy%20Mama says

    love it!

  168. http://Lisa%20Kay says

    Great purse – count me in!

  169. http://Sarah%20W. says

    Wow, what a cool purse! I love it. And please let me know when you get your mom’s site up. My email is

    Thanks for telling me I look lovely today. You do too!! Once I enter more giveaways, I am coming back to read. Your blog looks like tons of fun! I cant wait!

  170. http://Ginny says

    What a darling purse. I am going to check out your blog right now, I have been subscribing to so many great blogs!

  171. http://fyjules says

    Wow that look great, Your mom is good.

  172. http://Fizz says

    Oh, your mom is one talented lady! Please sign me up! :)

    fizzledink (at) gmail (dot) com

  173. http://GiBee says

    Very cute bag, Karla!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your drawing!

  174. http://amykelley says

    Beautiful purse. Thanks for the chance to win

  175. http://Jennifer says

    Clever concept… count me in!

  176. http://Jendeis says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  177. http://Gustogirl says

    Gorgeous bag! I am sure the one you give away will be equally gorgeous! Count me in!!

  178. http://Rebecca says

    Your mom is so talented. Gorgeous purse. I’d LOVE to win!!

  179. http://Sweetanlo says

    That is so cute!

  180. http://goalmom says

    Your Mom is indeed one talented lady!

  181. http://Liz says

    What a great giveaway! Please sign me up! Thanks!

  182. http://Melinda says

    Awesome giveaway! I’m sure any fabric would look lovely! Count me in!

  183. http://Sarah%20N. says

    great purse! Aren’t talented moms great?

  184. http://Janelle says

    I’m loving it!

  185. http://Deborah says

    You DO look lovely today. And you have a talented Mom and some lovely giveaways. If I’m fortunate enough to win, please notify me at

  186. http://Linda says

    Please enter me!

  187. http://HeatherB says

    Wow, beautiful purses, what a great idea, to have a lift out liner. You have a very talented Mom.

  188. http://Keryn says

    Oh, oh, oh, I am so in love with that bag! I hope I win…thanks for the giveaway. My email addy is in my blogger profile, in case I’m lucky!

  189. http://Anonymous says

    Beautiful bag! Enter me please!



  190. http://Cory says

    Your mom does beautiful work. Take care, Cory

  191. http://Paisley says

    You’re lucky to have a mom who makes such cute bags! I’d love to win!

  192. http://sparklykatt says

    wow, beautiful bag!

  193. http://The%20Author says

    That’s a great bag! I love how feminine it is!

  194. http://Sherry says

    Oh this is super cute! I want it!

  195. http://Fratzels says

    Your mom is so talented!!! I’ve saved your blog as a favorite – make sure you post a link to her website when it is up and running!

  196. http://Tara says

    That purse is beautiful!

  197. http://Kara%20Joy says

    What a nice giveaway. A person can never have too many purses.
    Thanks a bunch!

  198. http://Sue says

    What an adorable bag. I’d love her site when it’s up!

  199. http://Steph says

    So generous of you! Please count me in! stepfh at hotmail dot com

  200. http://Teri says

    so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. http://Elaine%20A. says

    Winning a bag like this would SO put me in a good mood. What a cute design. Thanks!


  202. http://chellelynn says

    your mom is awesome :)
    my mom would love it

  203. http://Mommy%20Cracked says

    Your mom did a fabulous job!! Please count me in!

  204. http://Chas says

    I love it! Any fabric would be great!!

  205. http://Chelsea says

    So cute! I’d love a non-clunky bag.

  206. http://Stacey%20Moore says

    please enter us in your awesome contest!! thanks so much!!

  207. http://Marly says

    Sign me up, please!

  208. http://Rochirmil says

    Very cute purse! Sign me up.

  209. http://Val%20gal says

    this is so pretty!

  210. http://Faerie%20Mom says

    Great purse! Your mom is talented!

  211. http://Susie says

    What a cute bag!!

  212. http://Christine says

    What a beautiful bag. Please enter me. Thanks

  213. http://Shama-Lama%20Mama says

    Oooh, I would love a sweet new purse! Yay!

  214. http://Tes283 says

    Thank you for this give-a-way.
    Looks well made, Thank your ma for me.

  215. http://Mandi says

    Great giveaway! Count me in!

  216. http://Anonymous says

    How fun! Please enter me! That is a lovely bag!

  217. http://T'aowyn says

    Such a cute purse.

    taowyn (at) gmail (dot) com

  218. Simply adorable. Count me in! ( )

  219. http://Anonymous says

    Karla I’d enjoy this! I remember when you shared about your mom making this last year. Thanks for offering one!

    mybuttercup “@” cavtel “.” net

  220. http://Tobi says

    Tell your mom she is very talented. I like the idea of the removable liner.

  221. http://seahagstudio says

    great giveaway prize!! purses are always welcome with me!!! please sign me up!! thanks,tracy

  222. http://Mosaica says

    That purse is fantastic –tell your mom how much we all love it :-)

  223. http://carolsue says

    it really IS a cute purse!

  224. http://nor_lou says

    so pretty

  225. http://Nicole says

    What a great idea! The purse is beautiful!

  226. http://Elliemae says

    Love this bag! Just adorable. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  227. http://The%20Mom%20of%20'em says

    can’t have too many purses!

  228. I’m such a sucker for homemade purses! Thanks!

  229. http://Robin%20M. says

    I’m so glad there are such talented people in the world… because I am not one of them! Thanks :)

  230. http://mommyofmany says

    Adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  231. http://JLarsonRN says

    I’m always on the lookout for a new bag. A woman can never have too many bags!!

  232. http://April says

    This is really a cute purse. I’d like one that looked anything like it! so, so cute!

  233. http://joanne117 says

    It’s adorable and I would love one to tote my knitting around in. Thanks so much!

  234. I ‘am only on 186 and it has taken me 2 days to do this…..count me in….love the purse…..

  235. http://Anonymous says

    I love the purse! So cute! (

  236. http://Suzanne says

    LOVE it! VERY nice!

  237. says

    I would LOVE to be entered in your drawing for a beautiful bag! Thank you so much!

  238. http://Jessica says

    You have a fun blog– your writing shows you have a great personality. And the bag looks great too! Please enter me in your drawing.

  239. http://Joanna says

    Enter me in your giveaway, please. Thank you!

  240. http://Jenny says

    I am a purse fanatic! I would love to enter your giveaway!!!

  241. http://Marla says
  242. http://Piseco says

    Looks so sweet! Thanks for the contest.

  243. http://Midwest%20Mommy says

    I wish I could be as talented as your mom :-)


  244. http://Taryn says

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  245. http://Cindy says

    Cute bag! Thanks for entering me.

  246. http://Talitha says

    Very cute, enter me please!

  247. http://Krista says

    Yay, I love purses!

  248. http://RSchuurman says

    Thanks, you look lovely, too! (You’re right, a compliment is always nice! ^_^)

    I’d love to be included in this drawing. The bag is adorable!

  249. http://betty says

    What a lovely floral tote!
    Would love to win it!

  250. http://mamaL says

    You have one talented mom!

  251. http://Upon%20Further%20Review says

    Love it, love it, love it!

  252. http://Meleah%20the%20Mommy says

    I have never heard of interchangeable purse liners before, but wowsa! that is a brilliant idea. Please count me in and give my compliments to your mom. Her purses are gorgeous.

  253. http://missreneer says

    Thank you for the great contest and for sharing your mom’s talent. Good Luck Everyone :)

  254. http://Sarah says

    How pretty!!!

  255. http://Caroline says

    Ooh this looks lovely!

  256. http://Audra%20Marie says

    Love the purse and liner! Great prize!

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

    adashofsassitude (at) gmail (dot) com

  257. http://Kathy says

    How very talented to be able to make these. I hope she makes a business out of it. I would love one.

  258. http://Preppy%20Mama says

    What a lovely bag. Would very much like one!

  259. http://Angela says

    I love the liner idea!

  260. http://Doran%20&%20Jody says

    I got a new ‘blogging’ camera so therefore I need a new purse. This would work great!

  261. http://Tiff says

    Too cute!

  262. http://Jen says

    Your mom is very talented!! Love the bags!

  263. http://ktrae says

    That is a really cute bag.

  264. http://seven says

    What a cute bag… and the liner sounds genius.

  265. says

    Please enter me. :)
    internationalfreebies AT gmail DOT com

  266. http://mtmommy says

    Very cute! Sounds great! Please count me in!

  267. http://Rach says

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