Big Dreams

I’ve been thinking about goals/dreams in my life and I’ve noticed that others are too, as I look around blogdom. Several months ago, I made a list of goals. And then I updated that list, and was able to mark some things off.

There are a lot of things on that list that may never get marked off. However, I bet that when I reach the end of my life I will be surprised by some of the things that did get crossed off. There are things on that list that I’m not sure I can actually do: things that are “too hard” (MARATHON?? h-e-l-l-o!!??), some that are too expensive (trips around the world). And some of my goals may not even seem worth pursuing once I have a few more years under my belt.

I know that I have dreams that have stuck with me through many seasons of my life that I don’t see going away until they come to fruition (sound familiar?) These are the dreams that don’t go away, that just continue to grow… even if I try to hide them in a dark spot and not water them… they somehow grow.

Does the Lord plant these seeds? Is He the Gardener in our garden of dreams? I know that God delights in seeing us strive for things.

We must be mindful, however, that if our dreams do not alighn with His will, then they aren’t from Him and they aren’t anything we want to be shooting for.

So, keep dreamin’. There is nothing wrong with talking with the Lord about your dreams. In fact, that’s probably what He is waiting for.





  1. Okay, I am beyond impressed that you actually wrote out your goals. I just walk around with a fuzzy notion of what I would like to do.

    I will say that I have better odds of finishing a marathon than getting my photos in a nice scrapbook. Did I mention that I couldn’t run 5 miles right now if I tried? : )

  2. Thanks Karla for linking to my post! I hope others will start dreaming again!

  3. Go after your dreams. You can do a marathon. I did one (26.2)and I was really amazed at the runners that did it, they were all ages, shapes and sizes. It was great.

  4. Everyday, with the waking moments, from column to column…

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