Because everyone knows to look there…

 A ‘teaser’ before I write my real post:

(I’m excited about these; they are like business cards for moms. I’ll have the designs up on my site within the next week.)

Last night, after picking Abbie up from dance class, there was a black kitty that came up to us. We’ve seen black kitty around for months, but he is usually too skittish to pet. Well, last night he ran right in our house and made himself at home. We already have two cats (one we took in a few months ago), so we joked about how we were going to become the “crazy cat house”. Neither one of us had the heart to send him on his way…

I let black kitty out this morning, ’cause really, how much litter cleaning can one person endure??? We’ll be keeping our eye on him though.

So anywho…

This morning, Sean got me up at 6am to look for my keys (because it would be so boring around here if we didn’t have to always be on the look out for them, therefore we simply refuse to get a second set of my keys made… okay… really, we are just too lazy…)

I looked
and looked
and looked
and looked
and — okay, you get it…


Normally, this would not be an issue. Sean has his own vehicle. Except today… he let a friend borrow his while his friend’s car is in the shop.

I was at a loss. I looked in places that I know haven’t ever seen the light of day… but you know, they had to be SOMEWHERE (for all I knew, black kitty was a thief who disguised himself as a sweet kitty, therefore allowing him access to my home, and the ability to steal my keys and go joy riding…he did seem awfully eager to get inside…)

My poor husband had to get to work. His only option was the motorcycle. He came strutting out of the bedroom in his Flame Orange subzero hunting suit. I wisely knew that it was NOT the appropriate time to make any pumpkin pie jokes… so, being the thoughtful wife I am, I kept quiet.

Off he went.
I kept looking (’cause, dang it, losing anything, makes me feel like I am losing my mind!)
Finally had to wake up Abbie for school. I inquire about the keys.
Yes, she saw them in the living room.
On the floor.
Doesn’t know where they are now.
Right before she leaves, Quinn wakes up and comes into the living room.
Did he see the keys?
Did he touch them?
Abbie says he’s lying.
I don’t care — where are my keys!!! No, I’m not mad!!! I just want my keys!!!
Quinn sits for a moment. Then takes off down the hall.
Bathroom cabinet door opens and closes.
I hear a familiar sound.
Keys have been returned.
All is well in my world again.

If you see a pumpkin driving down the road, wave and let my husband know that I have my keys.

Blessings, ~K


  1. 2 cents says

    The black kitty sounds so sweet! A couple nights ago, my sister and I came home and saw at least three to four cats hanging around outside our house… I wanted to bring them all inside so badly, they just looked so cute. Of course they ran away as soon as we got near them though.

    Glad you finally found the keys!! That’s funny about the orange pumpkin driving down the road. :)

  2. I am always misplacing my keys. I even threw them away one time and had to go trash digging. Nice.

    Anytime something is missing around here, I always ask my little 3 year old kleptomaniac where it is.

  3. The Imperfect Christian says

    When I was a nanny one of the girls hid my keys MINUTES before I had to leave to go pick her sister up from school…I found them hours later in the silverware drawer!

  4. LOL! You have a great sense of humor! Well at least you know you weren’t losing your mind. Glad he remembered where he put them.

  5. Glass Half Full says

    I have seen these — AWESOME IDEA!!!

  6. LOL! I don’t know if I’ve ever posted on your blog before but I’ve been reading it for a couple of months now. This post made me laugh so hard…it sounds like one of my days! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your poor husband and his orange outfit. I think if I were you I’d stick a nail in the wall out of reach of little people and hang them there. That always worked for me. I remember a time when my poor sister almost missed a day of work because Sarah (In the Midst of It) had put the keys in the mail chute. She almost never found them. I have no idea what possessed her to even look there.

  8. My keys are my nemesis. I need to have them on a chain around my neck, like a latchkey kid.
    Heh heh, pumpkin on a motorcycle.

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