Back to himself

Well, it seems what Seamus had was just a 24 hour thing…

He woke up in the middle of the night, blew raspberries and jibber-jabbered to himself for a bit and then went back to sleep.

This morning, he is back to himself – getting into¬†EVERYTHING, throwing things around, climbing on the furniture, giggling, dancing and clapping to music. His typical cheery (but rotten ;) self…

And I’m glad. Sick babies make me sad.


  1. I’m glad he is feeling better. I hate it when mine are sick…they just lay there wanting you to make them better and there’s not a lot you can do.

    I hope you are having fun at the Ultimate blog party!!

  2. Glass Half Full says

    Sick babies are the worst!!! :) Glad all is better.

  3. Hi Karla nice to meet you
    hope its been a good pregnancy
    pleased your son is all better

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