Baby Fat

I’m not talkin’ “phat”… I’m talkin’ FAT…

I suppose that every expectant mother has visions of going through pregnancy with limited weight gain; a cute “swollen belly”, and lovely glowing skin. At least I did back in February 2000, when I first discovered I was pregnant.

I was in good physical shape – I had been running 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week; I walked every day and watched what I ate.

I still managed to gain 34 lbs by October.

New guidelines have come out regarding the amount of weight women “should” gain during a pregnancy. Researchers are saying that the current recommended weight gain of 25 -35 lbs. is too much…


I look at a cookie these days, and pop a button in my pants. My body seems to be doing what it wants, regardless of what I feed it.

I was never more sick than I was during this past February… yet I still managed to gain 10 lbs during my first trimester – same amount I gained during that time period with the other 3 kids. It didn’t matter how much I did or didn’t eat – I ended the first three months of each pregnancy with 10 lbs of added weight.

With Seamus, I gained almost 45 lbs. Yet, I was active and ate normally (except for that couple of weeks of constant Frozen Coffee cravings…)

I really wanted this to be my “cute, little bump” pregnancy.

I should have known better.

My body continues to do what it wants, regardless of what I try to make it do.

None of my babies were born large. So I say pooh on them. My body doesn’t care one bit what they recommend. It’s doing what it wants to do… (I just hope it chooses to lose the weight later)


  1. Those new guidelines are scary. Not every woman gains weight during pregnancy at the same speed – I gained SIXTY POUNDS PER PREGNANCY, without trying. I’m afraid that the new recommendations will lead to some women starving themselves during pregnancy. :(
    And I’m sure you’re a beautiful pregnancy woman. Positive.

  2. Terri @ In His Hands says

    You changed! It looks lovely! Love the colors!

    I gained ten pounds in one month and it literally felt like it was overnight. Enjoy your pregnancy and don’t worry about it. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t gain that much without having an eating disorder.

    Can we see pics of the belly or is it too soon?

  3. When my wife was pregnant, I was very supportive. I gained 30 lbs.


    I’m not familiar with the research you’ve mentioned. But I do know that every pregnancy is different.

    Continue having fun.


  4. Love the new colors and the banner!

    I never had a cute bump pregnancy! I agree with Beck. I hope this crazy announcement is not going to go and make some women not eat properly during pregnancy.

    I’m sure you are a very lovely pregnant you!

  5. carrie*postma says

    oh Girl! I agree…gain what your body wants during pregnancy! I’m sure you look amazing!!!!

  6. i gained 40 pounds with shiloh. my cousin has her daugher at the same time and she gained the same amount of weight. MY COUSIN lost all the weight (plus a little extra) within 3 months??!!!!! and i, still have “10 more pounds to go” 15 months late.


  7. Just remember that when we say that we are eating for two during pregnancy, that is not two adults!!
    Most of us start our pragnancies bigger than you are now, so you don’t need too worry too much about weight gain. Enjoy!

  8. Leigh Gray says

    I am with you – i am not sure i will ever return to what my body once was. Oh how i long for that, but then again I look at my 4 prizes and all the war marks that I call “blessings”. SOmetimes we just have to look at things differently. Have a wonderful time being pregnant and know that another time will come to work on the body – all too soon so I hear!! “They” say our kids will be gone before we know it.

    Love your blog!

  9. I’ve been seeing this on the news, too, and I think it’s nuts. Every woman is different – every pregnancy is different. I’m with Beck. I’m afraid this will make women diet and not gain enough weight when they should just eat exactly the same way they always have, healthy eating I’m assuming, and let their body do what it has to do to deliver a healthy baby.

    I wish they wouldn’t put things like this in the news. I think every woman senses what’s right for her body when she’s pregnant.

  10. I’m sure you look beautiful. I think a woman couldn’t possibly be more feminine or beautiful than when she is pregnant!

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