Baaaa baaa [bleat]

So I joined Facebook and LinkedIn.

I could lie and pretend like I hated it. And that I did it only for the sake of business. [it would be a lie. shhhhh]

Care to add me? Poke fun at me?

mmmkay… thought so.

Find me here:

Karla VanBibber Porter's Facebook profile

and here:

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  1. http://Jenn%20@%20Frugal%20Upstate says

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking of following the herd along too. I’m not sure though-I blog semi-anon, so would it make the most sense to have two profiles, one personal and one blog?

  2. http://sarah says

    I don’t know how you keep up with it all. There is just too much but I have to say I am lovin’ Twitter. Great tidbits that lead me to wonderful posts like YOURS!

    Take Care. Hey, I need to e-mail you about Blissfully Domestic. I’ll do that now.

  3. http://Kelly%20-%20PTT says

    Welcome! I’m happy to be linked in with you! Networking is an amazing thing. You don’t think the little connections are a big thing, until – WOW!

    And Linked In is really easy – though I’m still figuring things out.

  4. http://Malia says

    So happy to see you on Facebook!!

  5. http://Monkey%20Giggles says

    Me too. Just signed up a couple days ago. Another thing to add to my addiction.

  6. http://~*~Jenni~*~ says

    I joined Facebook a long time, because everyone else was. I have no idea how it works or what the fascination is with it, but I’m slowly learning!

    I added you by the way!

    Jenni (the one who won the blog design from you)

  7. http://T%20with%20Honey says

    To me it is so strange having bloggers advertising their LinkedIn profiles. Of course, unlike you, my blog life as T with Honey and my career life under my real name shall never meet up together. I don’t want potential future employers finding my blog when they google my name or carefully watching my blog to make sure I’m not talking about work or tracking my movements that way.

    It is interesting how I’ve managed to compartmentalize my life this way.

    And I haven’t jumped into Facebook yet, for similar reasons. I keep ‘T with Honey’ more anonymous so I don’t see the point of having a Facebook account for ‘her’. It would be fun to link to or spy on family with it but then it would once again open up more of my personal life to potential employers.

    In other words, I soooo wish I could link up and join you on those sites but I don’t think it will ever happen.

  8. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    Am I the only person in the free world who has never visited facebook?

  9. http://Laurel%20Wreath says

    Yeah, I think I got you on both.

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