Remembering April 27, 2011

Two years ago, today, our state suffered huge damage and loss from several catastrophic tornadoes.

I still cry when I watch this – it was a day I will never forget.

We are still working to recover and rebuild.


This date will be forever ingrained in my mind.



Not perfect (at all)… but feel like I’m finally getting my artist groove back after 15+ years.

I so need this.



It’s amazing how colorful and lovely a pile of trash and junk can be, depending on how you view it.

From the Mouths of Babes

7yo: “You have spider web hair”

5yo: “No she doesn’t!! She has nice old woman hair.”

Me: hobbles off to retirement home…

The Least Recommended Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon

Randy and I got the kids a basketball hoop.

The instructions looks like this:


The boys have seriously overestimated our ability to assemble it quickly.


All done. (My husband is amazing.)