Any migraine sufferers?

Saturday night I ended up curled up on the couch squinting through one eye. I was having a lot of head pain.

It started out very mild during the day. But by the time the kids were starting to prepare for bed, I was practically in tears. Every time I moved, I had “flashes” and I was dizzy. Not only was my head hurting, but my mood drastically changed.┬áSean was out hunting, so I got the kids in bed early.

Just over a year ago, I had what I know was a migraine. But I don’t recall the dizziness. And on top of it all, my mouth hurt. My gums especially. Not like a “I-just-flossed-for-the-first-time” soreness. But up higher.

When Sean got home, I started crying. We weren’t sure if it was a migraine, sinus infection or something else. He had me take my temperature just to be sure it wasn’t some sort of infection. The reading said 100.4.

I took some Advil, went to bed, and woke up fine, the next morning,

Have any of you experienced anything similar before? It was all very odd, and hard to explain.


  1. ugh! migraines!
    I always think God never lets us get too comfortable in these earthly bodies, so we won’t lose sight of what the real goal is. Nothing like a migraine to make you look forward to the sweet release of death, huh?
    I love the entire concept of your blog… I’ll pop back in from time to time!

  2. I get them from time to time so I feel your pain. I have started taking Excedrin extra strength and it helps better than other medications I have tried. It also helps if I can sleep – it takes the edge off. But usually no matter what I take or do my headache will hang on for at least a full day. Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Found your blog through BooMama. I am also from TN. I have exeprienced this (or similar)headache before. Most of the time when I get them I have blurred vision or a spot where everything looks black. My doctor calls them ‘vascular headaches’. They stink, but thankfully I only get them occasionally (about 3 times per year). I pray you dont have any more of them.

  4. SOunds like a migraine to me. I have them. Sometimes I have them without the pain- only with the weird flashes and sensitivity to sound and light. Talk to your doc. There are meds out there that you can take as soon as a migraine starts. Unlike other headaches, migraines can be more serious. They will, with time, eventually weaken the blood vessels in your head and leave you more prone to stroke. Stopping them as soon as you can protects those vessels.

  5. Yes. Once. I had to call Hubs home from work. I couldn’t get off the couch. Excedrin Migraine is the bomb. I don’t leave home without it now.

  6. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says

    I’m a fellow sufferer of migraines, Karla. I’ve been getting them for about fifteen years now.

    It’s really difficult to explain a migraine to anyone who’s never had one. They affect everyone differently but the one you had sounds classic.

    Mine are optical migraines, meaning I literally go blind for about half an hour before my vision clears and the headache sets in. They’re accompanied by nausea and although I’m extremely lucky that only very rarely is the pain unbearable, I feel completely dragged out and exhausted for about 24 hours.

    Migraines are very strange. And as far as I know, all we can do to avoid getting them is avoid known triggers like, unfortunately, chocolate. Not good news for chocolate lovers!

  7. Ms. Can't Be Wrong says

    My doctor has told me that sinus problems can trigger migraines. Everyone’s migraines are different. My mom has them. One of her triggers is MSG. One of my triggers is aspartame. Once you figure out diet or environmental triggers you just avoid them like the plague. Some things such as rapid changes in barometric pressure cannot be avoided. It may sound silly, but I’ve had numerous migraine sufferers and doctors tell me that the weather can cause a migraine.
    DCR is right, Excedrin Migraine is the bomb! Get some.

  8. dandelion dust says

    Sounds just like a migraine to me. I’m sorry you had to experience that. I almost always have pain in my left inner ear, behind my left eye, numbness on the left side of my face, numbness in the left shoulder and arm. All this is very common for migraine sufferers, so I’m not surprised you had pain in your gum area. If your migraines continue you might try to get a prescription for Relpax. It works really well (for me at least). Also, you might consider trying All Natural Sinol Nasal Spray… this is new to drug stores and really works!! It’s a nasal spray that you need to use as soon as you feel a migraine coming on. The nasal spray will really help a headache from becoming a full blown migraine.

    I love your blog header, by the way. It’s perfect for fall and perfect with your blog title! It’s really pretty!

  9. crafty carolinagirl says

    Unfortunately I think it is a migraine. I agree with everyone that you’ll have to learn what your triggers are. Mine are chocolate anything, shrimp, and tomatoes/tomato sauce.

    I have never had the gum pain, but I have had to shut off the television’s sound and wear sunglasses in the house. I sometimes get nose bleeds before them too.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Mine always take a few days to go away. Someone mentioned Excedrin Migraine; I always have a bottle at my house.

  10. I have such bad migraines and will / have tried anything. I did try sinol and it opened my nose but did nothing for my headache. I also tried sinus buster. It was stronger (might be from the feverfew) and it HELPED my migraines. I was sooo surprised.

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