Answering your questions ~ part 1

Y’all ask some good questions! You were so kind to ask questions of me. Never mind that I had to beg for some. At least I did not end up having to make up fake profiles to ask questions of myself. (I know I could have come up with a better way to write each of those sentences so that I didn’t use the word questions over and over. I’m sure of it. But I’m tired)

So for that, I thank you. I can’t imagine anything that would have been more embarrassing (except maybe that time I took a header after flying over a picnic bench at an outdoor party ahem, get-together, right in front of the school cutie)

Now on to the fun stuff. Talking about me.

Kelli said …

Name six things about yourself that you’ve never talked about here.

This was harder to answer than I imagined. Of course, I could simply answer this by saying profound things like, I have a left leg, I have a right leg, I have a head, I have a left arm and I have a right arm. But I think I’ve eluded to all that as well.

Six things I’ve never talked about here…

… (still thinking)…

… (still thinking)…

Okay- I’m coming back to that one later…


She also asked: What were you like in high school?

(I wrote a more in depth post about high school here. I even explained why I was once *suspended*) In high school I was popular and well-liked, though I didn’t see it that way at the time. I was so not comfortable in my skin. Not one bit. So I spent most of my time fretting over stupid stuff like do I look cool wearing this white lipstick? does this plum hair color bring out my eye color? I had a good time. I just focused on the wrong things. What? you too!?!!

I played soccer (one season), ran track (indoor and out) and was stage manager for all of the plays and musicals. I was also in an School of the Arts – a program you had to audition for. It was like Fame, but without all of the dancing and singing in the hallways. We saved that for the streets. I was in the Visual Arts track. That means, I like to draw and paint.

and: What did you like best and least about yourself then that changed now? best about myself that has changed now? my uniqueness. And least? my uniqueness. Looking back, it would be nice to have just some normal pretty girl type photos, once in awhile. I’d say awkwardness, but that hasn’t really changed. I still struggle with that. And I struggle with trying to find a balance of looking age-appropriate without losing my flair.

Okay – that is enough about me for the time being. I can only take myself for so long, so I imagine you feel the same way! It’s YOUR TURN: Answer the above question about yourself in comments.

(What the?! is below)


  1. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    I think I liked least my angstiness. I worried and stewed over every little thing. I like best my innocense and the fact that I was able to stay YOUNG for so long. I do a lot less worrying and fretting about things now (I think), and the innocense is still there, I think, though it’s a wiser, more informed innocense. Like back then, what I didn’t know couldn’t hurt me. Now I know, but it can’t hurt me because I know not to get involved in it. If that makes any sense.

  2. Since my grandma doesn’t read YOUR blog, I will say that the thing I regret the most about high school is my having been so very trampy. But I like knowing that I read lots of big fat books back then and now can just coast on junk. Go, me.

  3. 1. I was raised vegetarian and had my first meat as a hamburger in high school…yuck.
    2. I set the school standing broad jump record for girls. I had no other athletic talents!
    3. I have lived in 14 states.
    4. I was a summer camp counselor for 4 summers.
    5. I have stayed up all night playing cards more times then I could count.
    6. I can’t pick a favorite color because I love them all.

  4. I was a really big recluse in high school; the pretty, shy girl who wore no makeup and spent lunch hour in the library.
    Back then, I really didn’t like anything about myself. Looking back, I most like the way I looked then and that I was very smart…and I least like my lack of self confidence. Now, I am less concave and more convex, and way more likely to say “hello” to a stranger.

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