Another round of Friday randomness

egad… we are dealing with the croup again. Poor Seamus woke up Thursday with a hoarse voice. By nap time he was breathing heavy and upon waking from nap he was barking like a seal… Bless his heart. He had a high fever to boot.

Abbie has been out of school all week with her cough.

I will be out purchasing DanActive for the Immune System and some new vitamins today. And maybe a plastic bubble for us to live in, if I can find one on sale. I do not want another winter like we had last year.

I really don’t have much for posting… And besides, my arms are worn out from holding Declan then Seamus… Declan then Seamus… on and on it went all day and into the night last night. Declan is in the throws of the “Where! is that warm body! that was holding me!!! and feeding me!!!” stage. That is usually why, if you see a comment from me on a blog these days it is typed in mainly lowercase. I’m having to do the one-handed type.

Yesterday, I purged the boys’ room of all of the games with missing pieces, happy meal toys and other cheapy silly type things that get on my nerves every time I step on one. It was a liberating wonderful feeling. I had no problems lugging that garbage bag out to the trash.

Of course, I had to keep the kids away from it. Otherwise all I would have heard would have been “Oh! Look! My favorite toy!” Never mind that they hadn’t thought of it for 4 months…

Today will be Abigael’s room.

Speaking of rooms… I added these to my “May I Recommend?” page… What a fun way to change the look of your walls!

My brain’s had it with thinking right now. If I think of anything more inspiring I’ll be back to share it. More than likely though, all I’ll have is another Friday like this to write about.


  1. Oh Karla! I’m so sorry to hear that – some kids just get the croup of easily. I hope he gets better VERY fast and that you get some rest.

  2. Karla, sorry to hear that the kids are not well. I will pray for them. Give them all a hug and kiss from their Uncle.
    Peace Joy and Love to all

  3. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Aw! I’m sorry about the croupiness! I don’t know how you get done what you get done with HEALTHY kids, much less sick one. You’re my hero today! :)

  4. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Praying that the new babe doesn’t get the croup too! Eeek! Getting rid of toys is a great feeling isn’t it???? Mmmmm..what can I throw away around here??? heehee

  5. http://stacey says

    get them well and take care of yourself too!

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