Another random list of randomness

I’m good at random. It suits me fine, I think. And since I know that nothing is more entertaining than stopping by to read a random list of randomness, and because I aim to please, here ya go. And to make it even more exciting – most of them aren’t even complete sentences!


1. Did you know that because I am left-handed, I would be able to spot you underwater faster than you’d be able to spot me? Unless you are left-handed also. I learned that here.

2. My list of goals? yeah, whatever… I think I’ve gone in the opposite direction on most of them… It’s should be renamedThe List that Reminds me that I need to get up off my bottom.

3. The UGGs people haven’t contacted me about the boots they should be giving me. Hello, UGGs people!

4. Here’s the photo for this weeks What The?

5. My husband HATES the name of that contest. He says that he can’t believe that someone who hates the word sucks as much as I do has a contest with that name. He said he fills in the rest of the name with a choice word or two. That’s not how I think though…

6. One of my new blog finds.

7. Some jewelry I covet.

8. I am now offering all of my pre-designed cards for $18.00. This buys you the file to print on your own.

9. There are at least 45 things you can learn to do online for free.

10. like breakdance – Go on – get your groove on.

11. Our 2 year old is no longer sleeping in his crib.

12. He’s a lot harder to keep penned in. Therefore, my days are starting a lot earlier than I’d like.

13. And this one is growing so fast…


  1. http://Beck says

    Oh, he’s a beautiful little guy. I wonder if there’s a difference in the ages of moving-from-the-crib in Canada and the US – most Canadian toddlers I know are out of their cribs by 1 1/2 and I keep reading American blogs where there FOUR year olds are still in cribs! What?!

  2. http://Barbara%20H. says

    I have to admit, growing up in an unsaved family, I always heard “What the…?” followed by “hell,” and I’m afraid that’s what always comes to mind unbidden when I see the name of your contest. Sadly on many forums and such that word has been replaced with a more offensive one and the phrase reduced to an acronym.

  3. http://Meredith says

    I’m glad I’m not the ONLY PERSON LEFT IN AMERICA who doesn’t like the word “sucks.”

  4. http://fullbodytransplant says

    Left handed superiority for the win!

  5. http://Mitchypoo says

    Aw, sweet baby pic! Happy TT! And thank you for visiting!

  6. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    SlowMo used to say “what the?” and I made her stop. I guess I think like your hubby!

  7. http://Cindy%20Swanson says

    What a beautiful, beautiful baby!

    And as for your contest…I immediately think, “What the heck?” Really!

  8. http://Nap%20Warden says

    What a cute little baby! Thanks for stoppin’ by!

  9. http://david%20mcmahon says

    I really like the new name for your list of goals!

    By the way, I came here (all the way from Australia) from Nap Warden, whose blog is a must-visit for me.

    Hope you have as much happiness with your kids as I have with mine.

  10. http://Susan%20Helene%20Gottfried says

    Yep, once you move them out of the crib, they gain an independence. It’s both good and bad — I stocked my kids’ rooms with books and quiet toys and told them that unless they were going to the bathroom, they weren’t allowed to leave until we did.

    Oddly enough, it worked.

  11. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    I love ya, Honey.

    Oh that jewelry.

    Oh that baby -fallopian twitch.

  12. http://Nicholas says

    You say it’s just a random list, which makes it sound almost casual, but you have obviously taken a lot of trouble over that. Thank you. I enjoyed that, and I’m afraid I have no idea what the picture is!

  13. http://SharonB says

    I RANDOMLY stumbled onto your site from somewhere in bloggyland and just loved your random site.

    I like it here, it’s fun…I’ll be back!

  14. look at that precious baby….you have a great list I hope you all have a happy weekend.

  15. http://Susanne says

    I wonder why that is on the left hand thing? Some interesting stuff on that site!

    I do randomness sometimes too, but I enjoy reading others. When you learn how to do the breakdance thing for free, make sure you make a video and post it for us! ;v)

  16. http://Maggie says

    “What the…”
    I get it. I use it. I see a blank look, not a person angry with an explitive on the tip of their tongue.

    I love your lists! You are writing these days with such ease. I love it. Keep blogging!

  17. http://Maggie says

    some of the scrapbooking supply companies are selling those sorts of things for much less, BTW!

  18. http://Jenn says

    Your random list was very newsy. Enjoyed reading it.

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