Another Muffin update – The fitness quest revisited

Remember this post? The one where I vowed before all of mankind, via the internet, to make some fitness changes so that I could get healthier and evict the muffin-top family that has taken over my waist and hips and chin and arms and thighs?

Let review and update, shall we?

My before photo:

Lifting weight:
Eating Healthy:
Eating sweets in moderation:
Getting enough sleep:Drinking milk:


Stop comparing myself to others:
(you gotta admit… that photo is just goofy!!)

Swimsuit season is right around the corner!! What am I thinking!?


  1. Love this post! I’m a muffin, too. Banana Nut to be exact…what variety are you?

  2. I have the muffin top going on too. But I am on a mission to get rid of it. Like you said swim suit season is almost here.


  3. Sister Honey Bunch says:

    Girl, come join our 8 week challenge. We’re only on week 3!

  4. I will never ever ever look at a muffin the same way again, Karla. Really, I never knew one muffin could have so much personality. LOL

    You completely crack me up.

  5. gchyayles says:

    That was the cutest post I have ever seen/read. Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face–it’s been a rough day!

    Praying that God would direct you in your desire to be healthier but allow you to experience the freedom to enjoy the wonderful blessing of food [chocolate mmmhmmmmmmm I’m tempted to go to the store after I saw that picture!]

    Have a blessed day!

  6. After that, I believe I’m officially free from my muffin habit. I don’t know if I will ever get past a muffin with legs.

    (Great post, btw — funny!)

  7. Karla, don’t feel too badly. After my initial 17 lb weight loss, I’ve screeeeeched to a halt (and I have n’t had any babies in three years, hello). ~a fellow “muffin top”

  8. cmwheeler says:

    Thank you, thank, thank you. Not only did I laugh (very loudly) but I feel better about my own muffin-top that I was just berating myself over not an hour ago. Thanks again!

  9. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says:

    Haha! That last line looks like the beginnings of a perfect excuse for when the pool DOES open… soemthing like, “But, I look horrible in my swimsuit!!!” ;-P

    Personally, I’m starting to panic – I gained 60 with Braden’s pregnancy (ended at 210 – HOLY MOTHER) and right now? I’m STARTING a pregnancy at about 10 lbs heavier than I started his with.


  10. I love the muffin series! You make me smile. We can work together to get rid of our muffin tops! My diet is going well but I am not fond of the fitness part. Turbo Jam is calling my name. :o)

  11. MamaGeek says:

    OH I hear ya sister! I loved this. And if you’re a muffin, I’m a pear!

  12. Michelle@Life with Three says:

    The muffin on the bike is my absolute favorite — it cracked me up! I’m with you on the sweets — I’ve got the “eating them” part covered, too.

  13. I would be a blueberry muffin!! I am trying to get rid of my muffin. Not going so good right now. Hopefully next week will be different.

  14. Love the pictures. I am inspired to go be more creative with my posts on the whole picture things. On the muffin top thing, there with ya. I have been working out and losing weight but when you have so far to go it gets depressing.
    Oh well, go enjoy this beautiful weather. Hopefully it is as pretty where you are as it is here. That always helps on the whole exercise thing.

  15. I am the sleeping muffin. LOL

  16. I hate swimsuit season. Bad.

  17. Mmmm, muffins…
    What were we talking about?

    Swimsuits, bleah. That’s what control tops and sarongs are for, right?

  18. Too funny!
    Muffin tops. Yeah. Mm.
    I think I’m a mocha muffin… or a Dr. Pepper flavored muffin. ;)

  19. All I can say after reading your muffin posts that I get very hungry…

    My youngest is currently creating a new art on my kitchen table in which he bangs his sippy cup expelling just enough milk for good finger painting consistency. I better go. Then I am going to go get a muffin.

  20. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    Mmmmmm. . .muffins.

    I just bought a new bathing suit and am doing my best to banish the top o’ muffin from my body. Must cut out the 20 cookie-in-the-middle-of-the-afternoon-habit.

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