Another meet ‘n greet

This morning I took a break from my obsessive knitting instructions and I got to spend the morning (and a good part of the afternoon…) hanging out with some of my lovely blogging friends and made a new one, too.

It is so nice to hang out with women who get my blogging obsession. It is a thread that connects us all. There was even a laptop that we all gathered around to discuss some blogging goodies. Oh! and there were tons of super cute kids running around.

Alli (Mrs. Fussypants) hosted it at her lovely home. And the spread was delish! (although, I had to ask about the fruit dip before trying it. I was wondering why she had mayonnaise by the pineapple chunks and grapes. I’m so klassy like that!)

The ever creative Meredith (Like Merchant Ships) brought the most amazing lemon bars. I tried to leave a few crumbs for everyone else. Have you seen her subscriber numbers!!?? She obviously strikes a chord and knows what she’s doing when it comes to lovely homemaking.

And then there was Lotus (Sarcastic Mom). Not only is she a cutie, but she was workin’ her some hot mama boots.

Lest you think we only talked about blogging, we discussed lots of other things too, like: what we did (before blogging), how we discipline our kids (while blogging), our likes (about blogging), our dislikes (about blogging) and our husbands (inabilities to understand our obsession with blogging)

Check back later for my New Years Introspective. I’m sure it will be full of lots of deep thoughts… or not.


  1. Ha! I think you summed up our non blogging chat (about blogging) very well!

    And in the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I bought those lemon chess bars. I think you arrived after my confession.

    Of course, they were on the reduced-for-quick-sale rack at my local grocer : )

  2. Sarcastic Mom says

    Oooh, Meredith is sneaky! Well, they were still delicious!

    And, you think I’m a cutie? SCORE!

    It was just great meeting you today, Karla. :-)

  3. How fun!! Happy new year!

  4. thanks for sharing your “blogging” discussion! some days, i feel like i am the only one! although, i am setting some 2008 blogging goals due to my similar “blogging” issues!

    happy new year!

  5. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says

    I’m so bummed I missed you lovely ladies on Monday for some riveting blog talk, and my favorite, early morning sugah!

    Happy New Year! :)

  6. Sounds like so much fun! How nice to find people in real life who enjoy blogging. Many of my RL friends do not understand the blogging thing yet and many (who I see on a regular basis) do not know I have one.

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