And I’d do it all again tomorrow. For free!

This face is the reason that today:

I wore a hot pink storage container on my head for a hat.

I crawled around on my hands and knees pretending to be a horse, when there is a perfectly good stuffed toy horse he can sit on and ride in his bedroom.

I cleaned the living room no less than four times.

I showered while trying to avoid a variety of bath toys.

It took me an extra 15 minutes to finish folding laundry that I had already folded once or twice…or maybe three times before.

I cleaned milk soaked cereal off of the carpet.

I heard toddler giggles.

I was greeted with a kiss first thing in the morning.

I had to move the chair away from the shelf with the car keys and spare change by the entry way.

I had to wash a blue blanket with a teddy bear face on it before nap time.

I had to hang cute little boy dress pants on cute little hangers.

I got to boogie to The Doodlebops.

I will be in bed by 9:00.


  1. http://Coco says

    Ooh, that face really is precious :)

  2. http://forgetfulone says

    What a fun day!!!!!!!!!!

  3. http://damozel says

    That’s an adorable face. And you moms continue to amaze me with your dedication to parenting!

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  4. http://Sez says

    Lol, I have two of that variety, cute but tiring!

    Cute photo too.

  5. http://storyteller says

    He’s a QT all right and your day seems balanced to me. I’m usually in bed by 9 without a little one to wear me out and/or keep me smiling. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. http://Jen says

    I can so relate to almost every one o these. Too funny. At least you were in bed at 9…it 11 for me.

  7. http://Kristi says

    awwww…what a face!

    Happy TT! :)

  8. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    Oh Darlin’

    That is precious! Great perspective. Love me some positivity.

    Wha-what? It’s Thursday? Is it bad that I didn’t know?

    Love ya.

  9. http://Sarcatic%20Mom says

    In bed by 9:00! That’s like a fairy-tale to me. :-)

  10. http://Michelle%20Davis%20Petelinz says

    I remember those days! Mine is 14 now, and 6’1″, but I still see the little cutie he was when he was 3’1″!!
    Thanks for the memories, and Happy TT!

  11. http://Fresh%20Girl says

    Yeah, I can see how that face could get you to do all those things! I have a nephew-sized face that gets me to do some pretty silly things, too. ;)

  12. http://Tasina says

    Fun. I’ll go around and comment on everyone’s 13’s tonight!

  13. http://MooBeeMa says

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Darling post! Makes me love my kids more.

  14. http://Jenn says

    Oh, I loved this post!! Isn’t being a mommy fun? What an Adorable little guy. :o)

  15. http://peggyvb says

    I would gladly do any of those things just to get to see that precious face every day.

  16. http://Julie says

    It was good to read your blog and see you enjoying your son. The years just fly by. My oldest is now 20 and my youngest is 10. I remember the days of being Tinkerbell while my husband was Peter Pan and my daughter was Wendy. And yes, I had to go by the name “Tinkerbell” all day. This child, my 20 year old leaves in less than 2 weeks for 5 months overseas on a missions trip.

    Play hard!


  17. http://thrivingat30 says

    Very cute list! It’s very obvious that you’re a great mommy!

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