An early start to Easter Break

Earlier Wednesday, I started to feel a little nauseous and had to go lay down. Quinn later complained of a funny tummy, but never mentioned it again.

I thought that was that…

I was wrong.

Right now (Thursday, 1:00 am), I am on vomit duty. It’s been going on since 9:00 pm.

2 kids + 2 upset tummies = LOTS and LOTS of laundry and running around.

Since I can’t be in 2 rooms at one time, I’ve got them spread out in the living room with towels and pots. At one point I was holding one pot for one child and holding the other pot for the other child.

They are now back to sleep, so I am hoping that tummies will now begin to settle down and they will be able to stay asleep for the night.

I’m not risking anything though, so I’ve set up camp in the living room for the night too. And I have serious doubts that anyone will be holding a pot for me if it strikes me.


  1. stephanie says

    Ugh! Our family has just spent the last week going through it one at a time (and I think at least one girl had it twice!) Hope you are spared as you take care of littles!

  2. Karla, I hope you got some sleep last night. There is nothing harder than being sick to your stomach while your kids are puking in buckets. My heart goes out to ya!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry, Karla! That is just nasty. It comes on so quickly too! I hope my household stays bug-free!

  4. Terri @ In His Hands says

    Gosh, you have had a rough year with sickness! Praying it passes quickly!

    Feel better~

  5. Oh, poor you. I hope that tonight finds everything much better.

  6. Oh, man. Poor you. Poor them. Poor all of you and I really hope you dodge this one.


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