Always a popular topic at parties

Today, at Modern Media Mom, I am talking about the always popular topic of death. And, specifically, what it would mean for all of your online accounts.

Head over and share any thoughts you may have on this topic.

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In other news: I want to tell you all to be on the lookout for my site to migrate over to WordPress. I’ve had my domain for a year now and have sat on it. But I know you’ll happily subscribe over there when it’s time. Right? …Right???!!


  1. http://Latte%20Lady says

    Of all days to tell me that I look lovely… you pick the day that I stay in my sweats and don’t put on makeup!

    Death… my husband has to preach a funeral tomorrow for a stranger. We talked to the family and they told us of some VERY creepy happenings. Before the lady died, she was screaming out, “NO! Don’t let them take me. The two guys are here to get me! I’m scared, I’m scared!”

    At another point she yelled that her best friend (who is dead) was there to get her and she was afraid of him. She screamed to get him away and after several days of lying down, she sat up.

    I got to shakin inside and when I got home all I could say is “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” and read my Bible.

    To answer your question, I think my husband would eventually sit down at the computer and decide to put a post on my blog saying that I had passed away.

    Not sure what would happen to other’s blogs!

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