about karla

(You might have known me as a ‘VanBibber’, or a ‘Porter’; as ‘karpo’ or ‘LookingTowardsHeaven’. I’m still me.)

I was born in Alabama. Grew up in Maryland. Lived in West Virginia, Missouri, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Las Vegas, New Hampshire, South Carolina, New Jersey, Wisconsin, back to Maryland, Nashville, back to Maryland.

Only to find love and return back to Alabama…
Full circle.
Life is funny that way…

I strive to be authentic. I won’t blow your mind with amazing decorating tips or deliciously scrumptious recipes I’ve concocted. (I save that for all of my uber-talented online friends) And the photos posted here are sub-par at best. But it is where I am and who I am.

I can no longer pretend┬áto be something I’m not, or strive to be┬ásomething I wasn’t designed to be.

I’m ok with just being “good enough“.

I’m a girl of dreams. A taker-of-risks. I was shot out on my own and found myself, finally. And in that process I met the love of my life.

I’m a Christian. I once was ultra-conservative. It took me until I was almost 40 to realize those things didn’t mean the same thing. Our God is bigger than any fear we have. So I look forward.

I like taking the path that is over-grown and not well-worn. I hate mom-hair and mom-jeans. My nose is pierced, and I secretly wish my hair was cotton-candy pink. I was the girl with plum hair in high school.

I’m a walking-contradiction.

I’m finding beauty in the chaos.