A Year in Review

I love what my friend Beck did for reviewing her year. I thought about reviewing my year this way, but decided to just write the title of the first post of each month. I was amazed at all that had happened this past year. As I was scrolling through each month, I was struck by how, once again, it all flew by…

I somehow managed to start each month with some of the most boring posts I’ve written, so feel free to peruse the rest of my blog and get to know me a little bit more.

the post in which I ramble about anything and everything (with a few photos thrown in for good measure)

Looky! I’m a Spotlight! AND a Blog Award Nominee


Quick recap and run down

What more could we possibly need?

Looks like we made it

A question for you

Someone needs to set that Blue straight

One week old

It’s like reading TV Guide… or not

My life can seem so random and I have the pictures to prove it!

Prepare to swoon


  1. http://dcrmom says

    Happy New Year!

  2. http://jennwa says

    That is a great way to do the year in review.
    I hope you and your family have a great 2008.

  3. http://Jen says

    I so enjoyed getting to know you better this year. I look forward to reading more of you in 2008.

  4. http://Beck says

    This is wonderful, Karla! Happy new year to you, friend.

  5. http://Tasina says

    I don’t even remember how I got to your blog. I loved the year in review idea and stole it! Happy New Year!

  6. http://Barbara%20H. says

    I did this a couple of days ago along with some “highlights” from each month. It’s funny how some posts seem a lot farther back than they were and others seem like they were just last week.

  7. http://Jenn says

    Looking forward to coming back to read your year in review. Happy New Year!

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