A whole lotta nothin’

Last night, I watched the 9/11 Presidential Forums on Fox News.

One of my favorite reporters on Fox is Britt Hume.

Britt with his monotone droning voice.
Britt with his little smirky smile.

It was apparent from the get-go, that Britt was not, what you’d say, thrilled about the Forum:


He was looking for more gusto… more UMPH…
He was bored with the questions.
But then McCain set off a couple of these:

fireworks 2

This perked Britt right up:

britt amused

Finally, something to sink his teeth into.
But really, that was the extent of it. No drama, no bashing.

britt really

and in no time at all, he was back to his usual self:


(Isn’t it fun how he managed to change outfits throughout the evening?)

What were your thoughts on the Presidential Forums?


  1. Laurel Wreath says:

    It was to touchy feely for me. I love these pictures of Britt. You know he is retiring after the elections. I am very sad and am going to miss him!

  2. I missed it! Oh :-( I’m so sad about that. And I didn’t mean too. I’m sure they’ll rerun it just so I can watch it LOL!
    And I promise to pay attention to all of Britt’s faces =)

  3. I just found you through Blissfully Domestic and I am so glad I did! :)

  4. hey k, yeah, i do puffy pink heart britt…we watch him daily. :-)

    i watched the forum also…wasn’t totally impressed with the moderators…ahem. i’m a mccain gal so i thought they tried to paint him in a corner sometimes…but that’s just my repub opinoin. :=)

  5. hahaha. Let Britt run for president….and is there a better name then Britt? I love it.

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