a new look

too much white?

banner need to be bigger?

I answer “yes” to both questions, but I am curious to know that you think…


  1. Anonymous says

    Since you are asking…I agree too much white and larger banner.

    But the content is great! Have a blessed day in Jesus!

  2. ForUsThreeGirls says

    Only because you asked – I agree with you on both.

    Have a great day!

  3. Terri @ In His Hands says

    I actually don’t mind the white—it’s very clean. I would make the banner bigger and maybe change the outline of the text and sidebar from blue to purple or black. You could also make that outline thicker if you kept the white. I love the banner–very pretty and a great quote to match.
    Are you sorry you asked? lol

  4. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    I think the white is fine, but the banner needs to be a bit bigger. I think the new banner is very pretty though!

  5. Chrystal says

    Visiting you from the party…I agree that the banner should be bigger but the white makes your blog very clean I think…

  6. toblerone says

    Dig the white, agree on the bigger banner. But it’s very pretty, and I like the quote! Quite springy.

  7. carrie*postma says

    here’s my input…what about making the background a really soft pink or purple? I love the new banner! And yeah, maybe a little bigger?

  8. The banner needs to go across the page, Karla. Being honest. But I love the light airy look. I do. xoxoxo

  9. I agree with you BUT that is one gorgeous banner. You are GOOD at this stuff!

  10. Love the banner and quote but it does need to be bigger. I’m not sure why but on my computer which is a widescreen the banner is not centered but that could be my settings. I love the colors in it and how fresh and springy it looks. You’re very creative and good for you knowing how to do it!

  11. Michelle-ozark crafter says

    I love the banner but it is not centered on my ‘puter either. I would love to see maybe a little more color on your page.

  12. The banner is beautiful. Maybe a little purple or green around the edges. But, it all looks great! Who did it?

  13. Stopping by for last minute partying! I agree…banner bigger and maybe lines thicker, but do like the white.

  14. I personally really like the cleanness of the white. The banner could be bigger, but the colors are beautiful. Maybe the post headings could be brighter and/or more colorful. Little splashes of color here and there would be a pretty compliment to the banner.

    Overall, a great change.


  15. love it! very very pretty. i’d love to switch mine around….
    maybe one day. is it hard?

  16. I love the banner, but the rest is too white. It’s almost blinding and it washes out the rest of your blog. Perhaps a light lavendar would offset it just enough.

    And when I look at your site, there is a line that defines your posting area that runs through your profile and side bar. It needs to be moved to the left about an inch, but I’ve NO idea how to accomplish that!

  17. I love your banner! What font did you use?

  18. Hi Karla! Love the new look. I’m a big fan of white, so I like this. I’d vote “yes” to a bigger banner, and I love the quote. Have a good week,
    A Flyover Blog

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