A daddy by any other name

Sean has had the privilege of having our first two children say his name first.

This time around it was different. So, imagine my gloating and enjoyment of finally hearing my name be the first one uttered from my babe’s mouth.

Sometimes he says it like he is in the Soprano’s… other times he says it like a natural southern boy. Anyway he says it, I love it.

Soon afterwards, he started saying “dada”. Sean was so proud. Always calling back to him.

Last week, Seamus and I were playing on the floor together and one of the cats walked by. He immediately started saying “dada… dada…” Curious, I asked where??

He pointed to the cat. I tried it out several other times during the course of the day.

It seems as though he has not be addressing his daddy after all.

But I DO KNOW that when he says “mama”, he means it and isn’t speaking of the trash can…

***In other Seamus news: Monday afternoon, he was in his crib napping. I heard him wake up and babble a little bit, but then nothing more… until: THUMP, followed by crying.
He is the first of my children to ever climb out of their crib.
Should I feel proud or horrified??!!??***


  1. Yikes! Be careful, Moose!

  2. awww!! i’ve been worried shiloh would start doing that!! ahh!

    i am 12 years older then one of my sisters andi really REALLY wanted to have a sleepover with her. so one night i slept on the floor beside her crib and in the morning….she woke bbright and early and KERFLOP flipped out of the crib onto my FACE. nice. we didn’t have any sleepovers after that. :)

  3. The Flip Flop Mamma! says:

    The Beast is 16 months and FINALLY says “mama” when she wants me, she doens’t say “dada” yet. haha for him.

  4. “says it like he is in the Sopranos” Too funny!

    My 18 month old can say DaDa, but MaMa is the only thing that comes out of his mouth! I think it’s because little boys luh huv their mommies so much!

  5. Horrified. Definitely horrified. I would be.

    It always irked me that we carry them for nine months, go through the process of childbirth, nurse them, get up with them all night long and the first word out of their mouths is always Dada.

    Cameron said Mama first, too. Another victory for Mamas!


  1. […] ~Possibly? Seamus may finally be calling Sean some form of “daddy”. We haven’t figure that one out for sure… But he can ”meow” now. He’s obviously got a fondness for the cats. […]

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