a cautionary blogging tale (Intro)

This time of year has been particularly difficult for me for a couple of years now. Anyone who watches my tweet stream can pretty much figure that out.

I get asked questions about this frequently, and so I’ve finally decided to share. Some people will call me mean-hearted and say I’m just looking for a catfight. Others may secretly nod, because they’ve been through something similar at some point. Still others already have a sense of what it’s about and will silently pray that I will finally move on.

I think on some levels, it makes people uncomfortable.

Holy heck! It makes me uncomfortable!

And honestly, I’ve struggled with how, and if, to share this story.

I’ve always looked at people who wallow and can’t get over something and half-pitied and half wanted to smack them.

But I’ve become that person. The one who can’t move on. Who can’t forgive. Who is bitter. Who is a victim.

I never wanted to be any of those people. I don’t want to be any of those people.

I’d already successfully dealt with that on a separate issue. And I’d tried to deal with this one, shortly after it happened. I have struggled with thoughts that I am the worst sort of Christian – the sort who points fingers and doesn’t examine themselves. A Pharisee.

So I’m going to tell my tale, once and for all. But I’m going to (try to) tell it, not as an exposé, but from a point of self-examination. A cautionary tale. Because, I think that in examining the situation more closely and trying to figure out why it hurt so much, I’ve come to an unexpected conclusion that surprised me. One that others might look at and realize that there is something in their own life that they need to side-step and move beyond.

All I’m trying to do is share, just like I once used to do. Some parts will be vague, for obvious reasons. Other parts will seem blatantly obvious. There is no other way to tell it.

Stay tuned…

(part 2)


  1. There can be so much relief in sharing. You can find so much fellowship in it as well. Good luck with the release!

  2. I know this was hard to write & put out there. I’m glad you’re learning from your writing. And I, for one, look forward to reading more & encouraging you in your transparency.

  3. =) (hug)

  4. <3 you!

  5. :-)

  6. Xoxo

  7. Be strong! Get it OUT.

    (Also: my 4yo was sitting next to me when I clicked here, and she said, “Oh, those are cuuute baby kittens playing!” See, SHE likes your post!)

  8. Supporting you, cheering you on, hugging you, and being silent to hear the story…

  9. Hang in there.

  10. I am proud of you for being vocal about this situation. I think staying quiet might feel like taking the upper road or whatever….but in reality- if we have done nothing wrong (and others have) why shouldn’t that be made public? Why do we need to cover up their BAD ACTIONS? Why is that our burden.

    Tell it sister. Tell it.

  11. So sorry you have to deal with that stuff. The longer I’m around the more convinced I become that “Everybody gotta sing the Blues” so to speak. Please believe me when I tell you that although I haven’t been precisely where you have(that situation). I have been somewhere VERY similar and No it’s not always possible to tuff it out and put it away. sometimes it’s a long slow process .

    Bless you as you work through that however works best for you.

  12. Karla, I hope that you receive the healing you’re hoping for from sharing your story. Sometimes it’s truly therapeutic to do it, and I hope that’s the case here. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines!

  13. I’ll admit I’ve always been curious but figured it wasn’t my business to ask what happened.

    Hope this is cathartic for you.

  14. Read this after, oh well. Went to The Tale from Backpacking Dad’s tweet.
    Glad you shared.

  15. I think we all can become “that person”. My mom died in June and I found myself becoming that person for months. I wallowed. I cried. I hated life. I was angry. I vented on my blog (which is not my proudest moments). Then I would read others blogs about how good God is and I would get mad. I wanted to blow up their websites. God good? God is good in this disaster called my life? Ugh. But He was. And is. And always will be. And I know He is good in your situation too. Maybe he is protecting you. Maybe he wanted to bring you to a place where you needed to be. I don’t know. I’m not God and I hope my “maybe’s” do not come off sounding smug because I’ve been there, yet in a different way. I read this part after the part two.

    I’m glad you decided to talk about it. I think its a good thing to bring to light in regards to how you feel and because of how we should all be more wary of trusting others. Thank you for sharing your heart dear.

  16. Dear friend…any time you share your heart transparently in humility there can be healing…thankful you are bold enough to share these parts of your heart and cheering you on from the side…go for it! ((hugs))

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